Saturday, 1 June 2013

Eighteen . . .

I've mentioned a few times now that on Monday I turned eighteen, I spent lovely few days to celebrating with both my family and friends and while I didn't feel it was appropriate to breach their privacy in showing you pictures from the celebrations, I figured I'd put together a post of the things I was lucky enough to receive. 
I introduced my Mum to Fragrance Direct and threw a few hints her way. I received a beautiful Dainty Doll blush, Revlon nail art french mix and Kate Moss lipstick along with a top and base coat from Sally Hansen. She also picked me up a bottle of one of my new favourite perfumes Taylor Swift's Wonderstuck Enchanted.
After my exams I'm looking forward to some amazing nights in with Season six of Gossip Girl which was a gift from a family friend. Knowing my love for candle my little sister brought me this one which smells of lemon sherbets! I also received what looks like a life times supply of chocolate (give me two weeks!)
One of my amazing friends who has recently started her own blog gave me an amazing selection of goodies including some I've been waiting to try like the 17 Lipstick and On and On Bronze Color Tattoo. I'm yet to try the pretty polishes but have been left so impressed with the Accessorize lipgloss and am head over heels with the earrings!
A couple of my close friends teamed together to pick me up a couple of bits from New look including this lovely purse, Kelly Brook nail polish set and some pretty hair grips.

I loved all of my gifts, although I mainly received money. To top off a wonderful week I've spent the day laptop hunting with my amazing Grandad who announced on the day that he wanted me to pick whatever one suits me - I'm yet to find one, although I'm so excited to finally have a laptop of my own again. I think the fact that I had such a lovely few days makes it even more gutting that Monday kicks off the first of my last three A2 level exams. I'm so excited for my three month long summer, but am terrified for what the next year holds for me. Here's to hoping that everything goes to plan.


  1. Gorgeous gifts, you lucky thang! Good luck with the exams x

  2. Happy belated! You've got some really lovely presents, I hope you find an amazing laptop - what an exciting gift! Good luck on exams!

  3. I love your blog! Just happened to stumble across it and it's always nice to know someone around the same age of me doing a beauty[& lifestyle] blog, as it is quite overwhelming in a sense that the majority are really established bloggers!

    please give me some feedback on my blog! x