Sunday, 30 June 2013

June Favourites

 The more I blog, The more expensive my favourites seem to get. I started out with the best intentions of being a 'budget' blog - although sometimes you've just got to treat yourself hints the not so budget friendly products which have made there way into this post this month.

Superdrug Coconut and Shea butter body butter- I loved this so much that I picked up the Mango & Papaya version on my latest shopping trip, I just think for the price they're billiant and you can read my full review here.

St Ives Scrub- I think St Ives do the best facial scrubs on the market, although recently I've been trying to use up the other few I have which are rubbish when compared. Luckily when I went away for the week I picked up this mini for around a pound and have been loving it, I'm even tempted to give the scrubs I have away and just buy myself another full sized version of this.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir- I got this in my Selfrigdes Summer Beauty box, and have used it twice a day since. To be honest its one of those products I've always wanted to try, but I didnt necessary think I'd like since its something that is really over hyped which generally means I find myself having higher expectations. I do think this is a handy little product however once this is finished I may try using my Botanics Organic Rosewater toner in the same way, because quite franky I don't think nearly a tenner is worth it for just 30ml of product despite loving using it and the luxury look of the bottle.

Bioderma- Yet another over hyped product I kind of didn't want to like but I ended up loving. I was shopping in Oxford street and went on a mission to find John Bell & Croyden, originally I was going to buy the small bottle but they didnt have any left and I couldn't let that hard work go to waste so walked away with this 250ml bottle for £10, I kind of regret not picking up the 500ml bottle for just £4.50 more. Judging by the amount I've used so far I'm guessing in total I'll have around 3 months from this bottle which isnt bad at all considering I'd spend that anyway. But I'm going to stop there because I may just post a full review of this soon.
Rimmel Stay Matte powder - I finally brought this a couple of weeks ago and I'm not regretting it one bit! This and my Japonesque 933 powder brush are like the dream team, and it just goes to show that the highstreet are increasingly giving more expensive brands a run for there money - expect a full review very soon.

Seche Vite Top coat - This post is quickly becoming the hyped product favourite eddition. But when this was down to just over £4 on Amazon I had to buy it. I'm just a sucker for a offer, I'm so glad I caved and brought it as this top coat is great and yet another product I see myself reviewing soon.

Sally Hansen Natural Nail Growth Revitalizer - Lately my nails have been so much healthier and it wasn't until I thought about it earlier that I realised this is the only new thing I've started using in between painting my nails. I'm amazed by how strong my nails now feel and I don't think I've broke a single nail since I started using this.

Revlon Babystick in Tahitian - Despite reading so many bad reviews, I really like this product and will put up a blog post soon because I honestly think it deserves more credit than its getting. Okay it's not the most pigmented product in the world but I think it's so wearable and great product for anyone starting out in make up.
I thought that I would start talking about my digital/online favourites of the month just because I always have so many things I want to share with you guys and I know not everyone catches every tweet/blog post I make. Firstly this month (like everyother) I've been loving Fragrance Direct, and even posted a haul  - Essie for £1.99 and other amazing discounts, what's not to love?! Secondly I had to mention The Body Shops amazing online sale (and thank Jenny who left a comment telling me about it!)  Using the code EXTRATREAT I got this body butter which is still available for just £3 and two eyeshadows for £1.50 each making my order just £6.00 including shipping! Lastly on the shopping side of things Internationale's sale got even better and I may have placed an order for the second time this month including this Oatmeal jumper, this Ivory jumper, and this cute top all for just £14. Sizes are pretty limited now but they still have a wide range of stuff available if you fancy a nosey. 

Finally I wanted to mention this Ps Beauty Foundation Finder, normally with these types of things they only cover one website/brand so its great to see a foundation finder which covers such a wide range of brands, shades and formulas. I actually got the chance to speak one of the lovely girls working for the brand who told me that they will be developing more of these tools which I'm genuinely excited for since I think its great to be matched to a product rather than buying something which is over hyped and might not necessarily work for you like it does for other people.

So there you have it everything I've been loving this month. What are your June favourites?


Saturday, 29 June 2013

June Empties

 Despite travelling I seem to have collected a fair few empties in what has felt like such a short month. I'm glad that June is almost behind me and I'm looking forward to the two months and two whole weeks that I have left ahead of me before I hopefully begin my universty life. It's hard to believe that just a month ago I was about to start three of the most important exams I will ever sit in my life, and even harder to believe that my college life is (hopefully) over forever.
 First up at the start of the month I finished one of my favourite body lotions, Vaseline's essential moisture in cocoa radiant. It's great value for money (often half price in Superdrug) and does a great job and nourishing the skin which is all you can ask for in a moisturiser really. I also finished a few travel sized moisturisers in the form of The Body Shop's Strawberry Body Butter, Weleda's Sea Buckthorn body lotion and Jergen's Ultra Healing body moisturiser. My favourite of the three has to be the strawberry body butter which smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling lovely. I also enjoyed the Weleda sample which really hydrated the skin however I'm not a huge fan of the strong citrus smell so wouldn't pick this up again. Lastly in my travel bag was the Jergens sample which didn't wow me, I guess it was an average body moisturiser. I don't really buy into body firming gels but this one was a pound in the Boots clearance and when you see S&G for a pound you grab it and run for the till! I cant say I noticed much of a change, I just enjoyed the cooling effect it has on sunnier days (because occasionally in England it gets warm!)
I'm not really one for including deodorants in these sorts of posts because to be honest I find them boring. But i figured I'd throw this travel sized mini in as I'm guessing a few of you will be jetting off on holiday soon and I wanted to point out that these mini bottles last a whole week which I think is pretty good (I'm also tempted to pick one up for my bag!). I have a strange relationship with Original source's Mint & tea tree shower gel, I think that's manly down to the fact I brought it in the winter - Big mistake! This stuff is so refreshing it literally leaves your skin feeling so cool, Amazing in the summer although not so great when it's snowing outside. I was expecting big things from this Molton Brown shower gel and while I liked the product itself I wasn't a big fan of the smell. Finally I used this Tresemme masque when I was away and honestly didn't notice a huge difference in my hair.
I really like this N07 eye make up remover although unless brought with a £5 off voucher there are so many cheaper alternatives I'd rather buy, and to be honest I don't tend to use eye make up remover too much as I find a cleansing water is enough for me. I managed to use up my Collection 2000 concealer and was quick to buy another as I think it does a fantastic job. Finally I finished this Loccitane hand cream and am keen to try another since this lasted so long!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Fragrance Direct haul

The fact that this is my third haul this month is a little bit worrying, but after browsing Fragrance Direct
I had to make an order. I mean who am I to turn down a bargain?! This lot came to under £15 which I think is amazing considering I picked up a grand total of seven nail polishes, two highlighters, a lipstick and a lipgloss!
Originally I headed over to the website to see what Essie polishes they had in stock although when I spotted the amazing selection of Revlon polishes for just 99p I had to place an order. I've tried Revlon polishes before and I honestly think they're some of the best on the market. I picked up three of there top speed nail colours in Royal which is a beautiful blue, Electric a bright yellow which is unlike anything else I own and cloud a lovely lilac which I already own - you know you have way too many polishes when you buy the same one again.. I also picked up two of the Revlon nail enamels in Stunning (the end glitter) and Popular which is the first polish in the picture and one of my favourite finds!
I also picked up my first two Essie polishes in to buy or not to buy and neo. I've just applied Neo (right) and have to say I think I'm already in love at just £1.99 a pop I need more shades!
I've always wanted these Rimmel Instant Radiance shimmer touch's but I've never been able to pick between the pair and spending £10 for both didnt appeal to me. So when I saw them for just £1.99 each on Fragrance Direct I finally got the chance to buy them both for less than the price of one! I think Revlon do some of the best lip products on the market so had to pick up one of their glosses in the shade Coral Reef  which I've heard lots about - This was also just 99p! Finally after loving the Kate range of lipsticks I figured I'd try one of the moisture renew lipsticks in the shade Pink Chic which was also just 99p!

I wish I could say that's my last haul for a while, but I may have just made a sneaky Body Shop order! Have you brought any bargains lately?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Coconut & Shea Butter Body Butter

I love body butters, but often I find myself splashing out £13 on ones from The Body Shop to get a good quality product, which doesn't work out too cheap when you go through them as fast as I do. So when I saw this one on offer in Superdrug for just £1.84 I figured I'd pop it in my basket in the hope that my search for a great bargain body butter had come to an end. I can’t help but compare this to The Body Shops Coconut Body Butter, and as a whole I find myself gravitating towards there version more purely because of texture - although not quite enough to spend £13 on that as opposed to under £4 on this at full price. I find that Superdrug’s Coconut & Shea body Butters thick formula sinks in quickly to my skin leaving it feeling moisturised as opposed to greasy. I’m a huge lover of the coconut scent so this is something which really appeals to me although if this isn’t to your taste I spotted online that they have a good range of scents including; Cranbrerry & Pimegante, mango & Papaya and Cocoa Butter. I also spotted that this body butter comes in a handy 50ml size which would be great if you just wanted to try it out, or even have a backup in your handbag!
Overall I feel this product is amazing value for money especially with the half price offer currently going on, Personally I’d rather have a few of these than one overpriced Body Shop Butter! Superdrug’s body butters retail at £3.69/200ml and £1.00/50ml although as mentioned before they are currently just £1.83 for a 200ml tub.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sally Hansen Kook-A-Mango

 When I spotted this for just £1.99 last week in Watt Brothers I had to pick it up, Kook-A-Mango is a beautiful red shade with a hint of orange. Like all of the other polishes I've tried in this collection Kook-A-Mango comes complete with an oversized brush which makes painting the nails so much easier although I imagine on shorter nails this could be more of a hindrance than a help. In just a couple of coats the polish looks great, and it dries pretty quickly too.
This lasted a good few days with minimal chipping which is brilliant if your nails are anything like mine. These retail for £6.99 in Boots, although it's worth shopping around as may sites such as fragrance direct sell them cheaper.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Scotland Haul

 Despite the fact that the Shops in Scotland aren't all that different, I still manage to spend a lot of my time and money in the shops. Generally I find that the stores themselves are so much nicer and the staff are so friendly which makes them appeal to me so much more. I picked up my favourite soft skinny jeans from Primark in a lighter shade for just £11, the shade is actually really similar to the ones I brought from internationale in my last haul, you may also recognise the shirt from the same haul - I got to wear it once before the machine ripped it apart (as you may be able to see in the above picture as at the time I was wearing my new one) I was gutted so was so happy to see it in store for just £8 from £16.99. I was pretty much in love with the sale in H&M, normally in London I find that there's a reason why half the stuff as made the sale although this one was great, they had a huge selection and everything thing was really cheap. I picked up this jumper with detailing on the shoulders, originally this was £24.99, but I got it for a mere £10. I also picked up two pairs of flats which were reduced to £4 from £4.99.
I got quite a few demands from friends and family and my case was pretty much filled with Shortbread, Edinburgh Rock, Macaroon Bars and Tablet. I'm now down to my last Macaroon bar and tablet which I'm gutted about, Why aren't these sold in England?! I picked up some pretty feather clips in Accesorize for £4 after seeing them on a friend. But I think my bargain beauty buys stole the show! I'm pretty much jealous of everyone in Scotland because they have access to a Watt Brothers, I only discovered it on my last visit to Scotland as my aunt suggested it and could spend hours in their beauty section! They had a huge selection of Smooch cosmetics for just £1.99, I picked up the above eyeshadow duo and blush along with a barbie pink lipstick. There was also a huge selection of Sally Hanson polishes for just £1.99 - I picked up this bright shade in 'Kook-A-Mango'. Finally I spotted W7 Mega Matt lips were just 50p, I brought three of them although they dont appear to have shade names on them? I also picked up a couple of bits in Boots including Rimmel's famous stay matte powder and Natural collections cream blush in Rosy Pink.

What have you brought lately?

Sunday, 23 June 2013


As you may have been able to tell from my travel bag posts I was away last week, and I am absolutely gutted to be home after what seems like just a few days. Originally my family comes from a little village in Scotland which is miles away from the city life I lead in London. I half expected to be bored by the village life, the lack of Internet access and sheer amount of grass around, but I honestly loved every moment of it and was so sad when it came to catching my flight home. I had a lovely time visiting my family, and the weather was amazing up until the last couple of days.So I figured I'd show you guys a couple of snaps I took while there.
After a dull Saturday arrival the last thing I expected to be doing Sunday was visiting the beach! The beaches near my house are terrible compared to this, On a sunny day there isn't a square of the beach not filled so it was refreshing to see such a lovely one not full to the brim! 
I snapped this picture near to the beach because I thought the building was lovely, I'm not to sure If it was a town hall but it was really nice to go around the garden and read all of the monuments while treating myself to my new favourite ice cream combo - White chocolate and nutella!
Despite being Scottish I don't think I've ever actually visited a castle which all changed when we took a trip to Culzean. We actually went on a tour around the castle with some unamused looking (and annoying) students since my step nan loves history although I couldn't get any pictures since photography wasn't allowed.
In the same place were some lovely gardens which really showed off how beautiful the weather was, It's hard to believe some of these were taken in Scotland!
I have no idea what the hut below is, I just thought it looked great with the backdrop!
I also had to get a photo of this lovely little village which I believe is called Stratton, we took a walk  through here and were amazed by how quiet it was.
My last two photos along with the first image come from a place called Loch Doon, where apparently as a 'wee boy' my Grandad would camp - Believe me you get all the stories when he's had a drink!
My camera could honestly never do this place justice, It was beautiful despite the clouds.
I've had such a wonderful week, and would encourage anyone who hasn't already to visit Scotland, while it cant always promise you 24 hour cabs and a constant phone signal the small things are simply worth giving up for the breathtaking views.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

What's In my travel bag; Nails

I didn't want to go overboard with nails since there's only so many times I can paint my nails in one week (and only taking two shades gives me a chance to shop!). My Sally Hansen Growth Revitalizer was a must since I've been using this every time I've changed my nails over the course of the past month, and I have to say they are looking better than ever! Another new edition which has been helping my nails lately is this glass file from Mont Bleu which has made filing so much easier! I also thought that this trip would be the perfect chance to use my tiny L'occitane sample hand cream as it takes up practically no space in my bag. Not wanting to go over board with polishes I picked just Models own's neon polish in the shade bubblegum and Rimmel's Salon Pro in the shade Peppermint which will be topped with Seche Vites famous top coat. Finally I picked up a pack of nail polish remover pads today which I forgot to include in the above image since they will save me taking a huge bottle of remover along with me.

Friday, 21 June 2013

What's in my travel bag; Hair

Since I knew that mini shampoos and conditioners wouldn't last me the week I figured I'd pick up these 250ml sizes from Vo5 as I've mentioned before that they leave my hair feeling great. Not wanting to spend a whole week without using a hair mask I picked up this Tresemme one for just over a pound to keep my hair feeling nourished throughout the trip.
Although Batiste sell mini shampoos, I'm yet to see the blonde version so will bringing my 200ml version with me since its a great product in emergency's. I also struggled to get a mini heat protection spray so will also be taking this 150ml Fish protective straightening mist since I straighten my hair a lot. This 75ml hair spray is nearly finished although since I don't usually use alot of hairspray this should be enough to cover the week. Finally I didnt want to take my glass bottle of Dr Organic hair oil with me so have filled this travel container which I got with a few other bottles for a pound in poundland with enough oil for the week

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What's in my travel bag; Skincare

I picked up these handy containers in poundland which have allowed me to bring my Bioderma, Naked's bare faced cheek face wash, Origins out of trouble mask and a little sudocrem incase of any break outs without having to pack huge bottles. I've also brought along a mini St Ives scrub as I think the brand is brilliant, my simple kind to eyes roll-on which I've been loving and a tiny sample of Rens radiant eye gel which I look forward to trying. My Caudalie beauty elixir is safely trucked away in a pair of fluffy stocks which currently have a set of pyjamas wrapped around them in pure fear the bottle will break, but I've really enjoyed using it and wanted to bring it along. Finally I look forward to trying this Balance Me balancing face moisturiser which I got free in a magazine a while back now.

Monday, 17 June 2013

What's in my travel bag; Body

I always seem to have a huge stash of mini products so whenever I travel I love having the chance to use them up. I'm trying to be minimal with the products I do take as whenever I go back to visit my family I do way too much shopping, and I know if I forget something I can just pop to the shop. My week away gives me the perfect chance to try out this Molton Brown Aqua Shower Gel that I got in my Selfridge's Summer Beauty Box. I've also added a grand total of three body moisturisers including the Body Shops Strawberry Body Butter, Jergans Ultra heeling moisturuiser and Weledas sea buckthorn body lotion which is probably unnecessary, although I'm a little obsessive with moisturising and as a couple of these are ones I've never been tried before I want to insure I have enough in case I don't get along with one of them.  Although I think Mini deodorants are a rip off and I'm guessing there's enough room for a full one in my case I thought this mini from sure was so cute so had to pick it up from Superdrug, I'm not too sure if this will last the whole eight days I'm there but I can always pop out and pick up another. Finally I thought I'd throw in perfumes since I'm only taking two mini ones as I was scared of my larger ones smashing along the way, I've thrown in a mini bottle of Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck and Ghost Deep night. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

What's in my travel bag; make up

Yesterday officially marked the end of my final college exams and the start of my three month long summer. The past two years have been incredibly busy, meaning since I finished my GCSE's over two years ago I haven't had a chance to fly back and visit my family in Scotland, so I am welcoming my eight day stay and as you read this I'll either be on my way or already there. 

Since the last couple of weeks have been spent studying for exams I haven't had much time to prepare blog posts in advance so expect pecks into my travel bag over the next week or so. Today I figured I'd kick things off with make up, although I will also be posting my body, skincare, hair and nail picks later in the week.

When It comes to make up, I don't do compromise and like to have a range of products with me, although my base picks appear to remain the same until a new favourite comes along. With me I'll be taking my Origins Vitazing, Dainty Doll liquid foundation, No concealer concealer for under my eyes, collection's concealer for any blemishes and Rimmels stay matt concealer for any redness.
I'll also be packing my favourite blush of the moment, Dainty Doll's You Are My Sunshine along this cheap and cheerful MUA highlighter which together form one of my favourite combinations. I'll also be bringing this new Revlon Babystick to test drive and this cream contour in Billion Dollar Babies.
As for my eyes, I seem to have forgotten a couple of products in the above photo in the form of MUA's eyeshadow primer and 2true clear mascara for my eyebrows. For some reason I've decided on two mascaras ; Benefit's they're real and Max Factors Clump Defy, and two of these Scandaleyes seyeshadow sticks.
When It comes to lips I had to try not to include my whole collection! In the end I settled on my free lipgloss from this months Glamour magazine,Dainty Doll's Storm in a teacup, Revlon kissable balm stain in Honey, Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in shade 19 and 17's Purple Haze.

What's in your travel make up bag?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My new baby!

I don't know what it is about this house, but laptops don't seem last five minutes before they some how break. I've had my own laptop in the past, It was the one that I set this blog up with and it latest me a good while. Although after being sent for repair twice and replacing the charger countless time I just decided I was spending more than the thing was worth and when the charging port finally gave up I just stopped using it altogether. As a house the laptop problems are endless. We had an Acer one which would have probably have been the longest lasting one, If my sister hadn't thrown it at me in temper.. and don't even get me started on the amount of Dells we've been through. Its not a coincidence that everyone of those packed up after charging issues! So when It came to my birthday and my Grandad offered to by me my very own laptop I jumped at the chance to not spend three hours to make the charger work and finally blog from a keyboard which has all of its keys! (The things I go through for you guys!)
We went for the Acer Aspire V5-531 which for the price is great, Not only is it slim and stupidly light - It also has a built in disc drive which means my Gossip Girl boxsets wont go to waste when I hopefully move to university next year! I know this is a different sort of post but I'm so chuffed with my new laptop, even if windows 8 is taking some getting used to! In other news I have just a couple of days left until my last exam which has been my focus for the past week, I hope you guys understand and any emails should be answered by this Friday!

What do you guys make of my new laptop? 

Monday, 10 June 2013

NEW! Twist and Out

I've reviewed this product around a year ago now here, although when I saw that the packaging had changed  I figured I'd give it another go. I was expecting the same sponge coated in nail polish only in a better container so I was pretty surprised to see the rubber bristles when I opened the pot. I honestly think pretty;perfect could be on to a winner here, only like the previous version I found that the bristles twisted around with your nail meaning the removal effects become minimised. You can remove all of the polish with this - but only if you're a patient person, although in the long run I suppose that its problems could be fixed with a little superglue to keep the circle of bristles in place.
Overall at just a pound from Poundland, I think this is worth a look at - I just wish that Pretty;perfect would fix the issues that it currently has.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Free Model Co in Glamour

In this months Glamour magazine readers are offered a choice of a free Models Co product including a lip liner, eyeliner, mascara and two different shades of lipgloss. The magazine retails for just £2 but I've seen many find it for just £1, despite hearing from many that it was cheaper in Tesco my store still changed £2 - So I'm unsure if the pricing is based on area. I've looked in a few stores before finally picking my copy up as they all seem to have loads of lip and eyeliners, I was hoping to find a lipgloss but settled on the mascara since it was the best freebie I could find.
I'm actually happy I picked this up in the end since its a fibre mascara and I've always wanted to try one, not bad for just £2. It looks like next months freebies are set to be just as amazing with Glamour giving away some amazing Balance me goodies!
Will you be picking a copy of Glamour up?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Collective Haul

I've been promising this haul for over a week so after getting the last few bits in the post yesterday I figured it was about time to publish this. Last week I took a trip to Oxford street and this is the result - along with a few online purchases. I was excited to see such an amazing make up selection in Topshop and really proud that I only walked away with two items. Their famous highlighter in 'Sunbeam' for £10 and this pretty lip bullet in There She Goes for £8.  Since Rimmel's Scandaleyes shadow sticks were just £3.50 in Boots I picked up two of them in Bad Girl Bronze and and Bulletproof Beige. This Revlon babystick in Tahitian also had money off and was just £5.   Finally I picked up this pretty make up bag in Primark for just £3.
While around the Oxford Street area I had to visit two of the most talked about stores in the blogging world at the moment. I had so much fun testing all of the make up and smelling the body products at & Other Stories that I ended up walking away with this Punk Bouquet body scrub which smells amazing for £7. I definitely think I'll be going back there at some point in the future. I also paid a visit to John Bell & Croyden which were the first place in the UK to stock Bioderma, originally I was going to pick up a 100ml bottle for £4.50 but ended up with this big 250ml one for £10.
 I only picked up two polishes from Boots on my Oxford Street trip but threw in the others I've brought recently to show you guys. The ones I picked up in Boots were this Coral shade from Sinful Colors for just £1.99 and this glitter in shade Girly from Revlon for £4.50. I found the Sally Hanson polishes in Green Tea and Model Behaviour for just £2 on a stall, and have so far been left very impressed. I also saw these Maybelline Polka Dots in Superdrug for just under £3 the other week and loved the look of them so had to pick a couple up. The Rimmel polish was meant to be £3 in Asda, although as always they found a way to rip me off and charged me nearly a fiver - is anyone elses store like that? My local one is a joke, nothing is ever the price they advertise.
I also thought I'd show you guys some pound buys I found a couple of days before in Poundland. I love these Pretty;perfect nail buys and think the nail drying spray is pure genius - expect a post very soon! Then I spotted this cooling mist and brought in hope that we actually get a summer. I also saw this Stila tinted moisturiser, I'm undecided if I will use it because of the whole 'Poundland scandal' but it was unopened and is in a really great light shade.
I've so managed to spend quite a bit on online in the past few weeks. Over the bank holiday Latest in beauty had a free shipping so I picked up a few bits including this mini 10ml L'occitane Shea Butter hand cream for £1.50, a little Mont Bleu Crystal Nail file for £2 and a 7.5ml sample of Perricone MD's famous No Foundation Foundation for just £4. Amazon seem to always have amazing deals on and I picked up this Seche Vite Professional Top Coat for just over £4 and the Real Techniques Starter Kit for around £16.
Internacionale had a little bit of a sale so I had to pick up a few bits including this Khaki Tip Shirt which I love reduced from £17 to £12, these Bleach Supersoft Skinny Jeans down from £18 to £14 and this Skater Skirt which I also own in black at just £7 from £15. I also picked up a couple of tops from Forever 21, but I was too impatient and they're currently in the wash!

Also before I end I'd like to say this is in no way bragging, which I'm pretty sure 99% of you guys will already understand. This is just the result of my amazing family and friends who were really generous on my eighteenth birthday and a chance for you guys to request anything you would like to see reviewed.  Have you brought anything interesting lately?

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Free Neal's Yard Remedies in Instyle

I love a good magazine freebie, so when I saw July's issue of Instyle magazine (available now) I had to pick it up! In each magazine (£3.90) readers are given a free Neal's Yard Remedies Power Berry Daily Moisturiser worth £12. From the looks of their website the product has so many skincare benefits so I look forward to trying it! Also after speaking to Tales of a Pale Face on twitter today I discovered that you can pick this up for just £2.50 in WHSmith!

Will you be picking up a copy of the magazine?