Monday, 13 May 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie

Over the past week I've developed what feels like the worlds worst cold, meaning my skin isn't at its best so I figured I'd try a little pick me up. Montagne Jeunesse take me back to sleepovers in my early teens, although with so many more brands now offering face masks its been a while since I've found myself trying any of their products - this didn't let me down. The smell is amazing! It is very strong and as my nose was blocked when I tried this I cant comment on if its too overpowering - but in the packet it smells amazing and quite frankly I imagine it would be a joy to wear for a good 10-15 minutes! 
 I really liked the consistency of this, I found it easy to spread without being too messy and a little goes a long way. After 15 minutes I found that the mask had hardened and washed it off with ease leaving my skin soft, smooth and clean! 
 At around a pound I think this face mask is a complete steal, especially when you consider you can get around 2-3 uses from it! 


  1. Love your blog. Really appeals to me and is similar to my own. A happy follower. I'm new and need asvice and followers :)

    1. Thank you lovely, your blog looks great xx