Friday, 24 May 2013

Hair Care Routine

 I feel like all I ever do lately is post my hair care routine, but as the products I use seem to change so often I figured it's better to update you guys as often as I can before they change all over agian. I've probably mentioned before that my hairs naturally blonde and round waist length although the shade seems to differ depending on the season. Its naturally wavy and quite fizzy so I find myself using heat way too much! 

Toni & Guy Shampoo for advanced detox - I use this around once a week to get rid of any product which has built up. I find it really effective on my hair leaving it feeling squeaky clean, the bottle also lasts a good while too so its great value for money.

V05 Give me Moisture Shampoo and Nourish me truly Conditioner -  I find VO5 products work great on my hair. This pair leave my hair feeling healthy, You can pick them up for around a pound too which is always a huge bonus!

Naked Shine Glossing Hair Treatment - I don't think I can give this enough praise, this leaves my hair feeling amazing and unlike most masks I can actually see a difference too. I like to use this once or twice a week, it's lasted me a good while and I still have loads left (It was just a pound too!)
Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hair spray - I picked this up on offer a few months ago and fell inlove, not only does it smell great it gives a great amount of hold too.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (light & blonde) - I've raved about this product so much over the past year, Its great to find a dry shampoo which works for me for those hair emergency's - I highly recommend the 'hint of colour' range!

Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment - I got this in a beauty box and haven't used another product on my wet hair since it leaves my hair feeling so soft and smells pretty great too.

Tresemme Keratin smooth heat protection - I picked this up because I had run out of my previous heat protection spray, to be honest I wasn't expecting much but this really surprised me. Before this I never really found my heat protection to do anything else but its main purpose although after using this my hair feels so much smoother!

What products are in your hair care routine?


  1. Where did you get that hair mask for a pound?!!

    1. Poundland! xx

  2. I'm so upset that Naked have discontinued that mask - it's my favourite one ever! Gutted that despite trying five Poundlands in two cities, I still couldn't pick up another! x

    1. It's lovely, I wish I'd have picked up more xx

  3. ooh, a cleansing shampoo sounds like a good idea. I think I need to add one of those into my routine!

  4. That hair mask sounds really good and for a £1 as well... WOW!

    Hannah @ Squidoodles & oodles xx