Monday, 1 April 2013

Youtuber of the week #6

Happy Easter Monday Guys! This weeks youtube favourite, the lovely Dfashion100  comes all the way from Germany, although her English is amazing and she seems like such a sweet girl! Like many of my featured youtubers she does favourites and tutorials, but I think her videos are really unique in that you can see the amount of time and effort which she puts into them. Above is one of my favourite videos that she's made, I think it may have even been the first one of hers I watched! She also has a wonderful blog too which you can find here.

Who is your favourite youtuber?


  1. GoldieStarling, LetzMakeup and VintageorTacky are long-time favourites of mine. But I've been loving TheMakeupChair lately. I really like discovering new youtubers from this series though! :)

    1. Ill be checking those out! And thank you lovely, I love writing these posts :) xx

  2. i've tagged you in the versatile blogger award, check it out.

    - Amy x