Friday, 5 April 2013

The bargain hair repair mask.

I've never heard of Mellor & Russell before, but their products really stood out to me while I was wondering around Poundland the other day. I feel like the miracle moisture range is really well designed especially when you consider they're budget products retailing at just a pound each. I decided to pick up just the hair repair mask rather buying a whole range which may not work for me. The mask promises 'soft and shiny hair' something I'm sure many strive for with the added use of 'argan oil' which I'm pretty sure this doesn't have at all. This seems to be a massive trend, and to be honest I'm a little fed up with brands labelling their products with this in the hope that consumers will buy. But I'm not going to penalise the product over that as I actually did enjoy using it.
To be honest I didn't expect much from this, It has a really thin consistency which made me think it wouldn't do much for my hair. But after my first application my hair felt so soft, like most hair masks you simply leave on for 3-5 minutes after washing your hair as normal then rinse. The night that I used this I realised that I'd actually forgot to add my oil to my hair after getting out of the shower like I normally do, so the fact that my hair felt better than normal amazed me as normally I find my hair can be very dry without them. I've used this twice and would say I have 1-2 uses left, not bad considering my hair is practically down to my waist now.

You can pick up Mellor & Russell products in poundland, have you tried anything from this range?


  1. Wow, i'm a huge Poundland beauty hunter and have never seen this around! Thanks for the heads up, i'll keep my eyes peeled. :)

  2. Picked this up this morning, looking forward to trying it out :)

    1. I hope it works for you too :) xx