Sunday, 21 April 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection

 For a while now I've really wanted to invest in some good make up brushes, but the thought of parting with £20 which could be used to buy actual make up really put me off. While I know many bloggers see these brushes as amazing value for money (which I actually do ) many people are content with simply using cheaper tools. I myself was pretty happy with my £3.75 ELF brush and Avon blusher brush - Although when you consider the fact that these brushes work out £5 each, It's simply worth paying that £1.25 more to get some really nice quality brushes for your money.
The Core collection comes complete with a buffing, contour, angled foundation and detailer brush along with a lovely Panoramic case. I travel a lot so it's great to know that my brushes will be well protected when I'm on the go - I also love the fact that this case folds into a stand, perfect for those who wish to display their new brushes. I can honestly say I've used every one of these brushes since I got them and I'm completely in love. So I figured I'd share with you guys what I use each brush for (I'll do this in order of the below picture to avoid confusion)
The Buffing brush - This is raved about by so many bloggers, and while normally I'm left so disappointed by blogger hype I've really loved using this brush! It's a lot smaller than I expected but I find this works so well with my favourite dainty doll liquid foundation and leaves my skin looking so much more 'flawless'.  Its a shame you cant buy this on it's own as this seems to be everyones favourite, but to be honest I'm really happy I brought the whole set as they all have many uses.

The Contour brush - This does what it says in the tin really and works really well with my current choice of contour - Dainty Doll's Million Dollar Babies Cream Blush. I've found this is brilliant at applying cream products as it gives you so much control and have also used it a few times with my MUA cream blush.

The Angled Foundation brush - This is brush is so overlooked by many because of the hype surrounding the buffing brush but I've found it is the perfect size for applying my under eye concealer. Normally with smaller brushes I struggle to blend but with this my eyes are sorted with just a few swipes!

The Detailer brush - This little brush is prefect for applying my cream concealer as it's small enough to allow you to reach all of your target areas. It would also work great as a lip brush too!
As you can tell, I'm so pleased I finally picked these brushes up - they are worth every penny! 
Do you own any real techniques brushes?


  1. Sounds like a really good kit,

  2. I love this brushes :) i found it kind of hard to read the writing font

  3. I also just bought this set! I did a blog post on them aswell so feel free to check that out if you like :)

  4. OMGG!!! I want to have this kit <3 Have read so many raved reviews about it already <3

  5. Arghhhh I need this kit!love RT brushes xx