Friday, 26 April 2013

My Summer Make up essentials

After battling with the rain today, It's hard to believe that I took the above picture just two days ago (and even got sunburn doing so!) So I figured to brighten the mood I'd post my five top Summer make up essentials as generally it appears to be getting warmer in the UK meaning my must haves are at the ready! I often find myself changing to BB creams in the summer months and this Dream Fresh one from Maybelline happens to be my favourite. It just leaves the skin with a lovely glowy finish and comes complete with SPF which is always an added bonus! Because BB creams tend to offer less coverage, My collection concealer is perfect for giving me extra help in the areas that need it, so is a must have in my make up bag especially when I'm not wearing a foundation. When it comes to blush I really want something quick and easy and feel this Dainty Doll one is great for that. It offers a lovely natural finish without looking cakey or too much. If there's one thing I cant leave the house without its mascara, in the summer I make sure I wear one which I know will stay put all day. For me Max Factors Clump Defy is perfect for that! Lastly protecting my lips is a big must, I use this Nivea lip balm which like the BB cream offers an SPF - It also has a lovely tint of colour to it too!

What are your summer must haves?


  1. I love this BB cream, it goes on so nicely but I'm sure it breaks me out if I wear it a lot :(

    1. Thats so gutting! Have you tried wearing a primer before hand? maybe that will help xx

    2. i haven't no, i'll see if that helps!

    3. You'll have to let me know how it goes :) xx