Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Emergency Make up bag!

This week has been rather hectic and I have often found myself doing my make up on the go, because of this I've reached for those mess free products in my stash which require the minimum tools. They've all ended up in this lovely bag which held a Toni & Guy gift set, I love that it's big enough to hold everything yet can still be shoved in my handbag.
No matter how much of a rush I'm in, I have a big thing about preparing the skin correctly and always to insure I cleanse the skin when I wake up. I love following this up with this Botanics Day cream which sinks in quickly and is perfect on the go, I probably don't need to add a primer but I add this MUA one anyway - I think its great and for just £4 it does the same as the expensive ones! I follow this up with my Dainty Doll foundation which I find is best for on the go as its very close to my skintone and involves less blending than most.  Late nights mean tried eyes and this Pro-base palette just helps to brighten them up, I then use my Collection 2000 concealer on any blemishes I may have. I may be on the go but I always have time to curl my lashes, I think this Primark one is great and its only a pound! Next I coat my lashes in this lovely Jemma Kidd mascara its a little messy but it lasts all day so I always have cotton buds on hand. I don't do much to my eyebrows but using an clear mascra such as this MUA one makes a huge difference.
If I feel like a contour I'll add my Million Dollar babies cream blush  followed by orange county girl, I love these both as they require little fuss and you can just apply with your fingers. To insure my make up stays put I set it with this MUA powder which I apply down my T-Zone with my EcoTools brush. I then finish the look with this I love... lipgloss which I don't think is particularly special it just keeps the lips from looking bare.


  1. I love the fact that not only do I also use this exact bag as my make-up bag (it's like the perfect size right!) but I also have a lot of the same make-up in it.

    Love your blog :) xox

    1. Practically twins haha! I love this make up bag xx

    2. Aha yep! Same, never anticipated it being quite as useful as it has turned out to be though, plus the shampoo is a life saver at times xox

    3. Also I love that its really simple but looks quite expensive too! The shampoo is great, leaves your hair feeling so clean when you need that extra help xx

    4. Exactly! I normally use Loreal Elvive Triple Resist but always grab it when my hair feels like it needs that extra little boost :) yet to try the leave in conditioner though, have you used it at all? Xox

    5. I used that quite a lot in January, I think I even put it in a favourites post. It was really good and left my hair feeling really nice - I just change products way too much! xx

    6. Ah I shall have to have a look and maybe start using it! I am exactly the same, have way too many products sitting around either hardly used or not used at all! xo