Thursday, 18 April 2013

Boots Clearance Haul #2

Last time I posted a Boots Clearance haul it gathered a great response so I figured I'd share with you guys my latest bargains! This time my lovely friend went on my behalf and phoned me to let me know what goodies they had in stock to save me a long journey home, lets just say she knows me way too well and picked up some great finds. One of the most exciting products here has to be Soap & Glory's No Clogs Allowed mask which was a priced greatly at just £3.50, This still retails at £11 in stores and my bottle was perfectly intact so I don't quite know how this found its way to the clearance store, but I'm happy it did because I'm really looking forward to trying it out! There seemed to be a load of 17 make up in the store (my guess is because of their rebrand) for just a pound I got a wild curls mascara along with two Berry Crush lip stains (Cherry berry & Pinkini) I love them both although Cherry Berry surprised me the most so expect a full review soon. Both of these 17 nail polishes seemed to have a unique take on the crackle polish and they were just 50p each! Lastly is this lovely Boots Extracts nectarine body butter which smells lovely and feels even better was just £1.80!
I thought I'd include a quick snap of the lip stains in action, the top is Pinkini and the bottom is Cherry Berry. You can see my last Boots Clearance Haul here or click here to find more details about the Boots Clearance store. Why arent there more? It's definitely the something I will miss about London when I move away for uni, maybe I'll have to send my friend on lots of trips! 


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    1. That's why I love the place so much :) xx

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    1. The face mask was an odd one out in the Clearance store, No idea why it ended up there - but Ive brought a couple of their products in the clearance before xx

  3. I wish there were more stores!

    1. Me too, they should be everywhere! xx

  4. Woah, amazing bargains there!

  5. A boots clearance store?! Where?! X