Friday, 8 March 2013

Tresemme Liquid Gold

Back when Tresemme was two for £5 in Boots I picked up this 'Liquid Gold Argan oil infused perfecting hair treatment' since the oil hype last year I haven't looked back and loved the fact that this was 'Argan oil infused' So I figured I'd give it a go. That was over a month ago, and since then I've been using this little beauty on my hair pretty much every night. I find myself using two pumps as my hair is stupidly long at the moment but somehow I've only used around a fifth of this bottle which I think is pretty amazing! Because of the current state of my hair I do have quite a few split ends but feel like this just helps them look less noticeable and leaves my hair feeling so soft.
I've seen mixed reviews about this and I think that's because of the word oil on the bottle - but at no point does it claim to be one and it is a liquid as the name 'liquid gold' would suggest. Either way I still think this is a great product and perhaps Ideal if you wanted to try an oil but were worried about your hair being left greasy as this just seems like a lighter option.

This retails at £6.99 although it's currently on offer for just £4.66 at Boots.

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