Tuesday, 5 March 2013

No Concealer Concealer

If there's one thing the High Street does extremely well it's dupes, If you look hard enough you can find a dupe for pretty much anything! So when I was contacted by Cult Beauty, I wanted to review a product with pretty much no contenders on the high street to see if it was worth their 'Cult' status. I've always been interested in Perricone MD as the products all have such an impressive list of claims so I was excited to try this one out.
While some label the packaging of No Concealer Concealer * medicinal looking, I adore it in that it's unlike any other of the products I own. The glass is sturdy enough for me to just throw it in my make up bag and  the pump just helps in keeping everything hygienic. One pump of this product may look tiny, but I've found that you need the smallest amount of concealer on each area and that single pump is enough for my entire face.
I was automatically sceptical about the claims of the 'one universal shade' once I saw how orange this was against my pale skin tone, although I found that this blends like a dream and the shade works perfectly for me. For the same reason I worried that the concealer wouldn't work under my eyes, but this just seems to  make them look so awake and leaves that area feeling amazing after use!  One day last week I was up at 4:30am, and there was pretty much no change under my eyes thanks to this product. I don't suffer with bad dark circles so I cant comment on how well this would cover it up, but from what I've seen review wise it sounds like it does a good job at masking them.
I found this was really good at blurring any other imperfections on my face and it lasted a really long time too. The product didn't feel too heavy on my skin was really natural looking. The thing that impressed me most about this was the fact that it has such a high SPF, Its rare that you see 35 in foundations let alone concealers. 
Overall, I think with a product like this what you get out of it depends what you're looking for in the first place. While it's quite expensive you have to keep in mind the added skincare benefits that come with it,  I definitely think that this is worth the investment if you're someone who suffers from dark circles or even acne but hate the cakiness which comes with most concealers.  I love fact that you only need one small pump for your whole face and  predict my 10ml bottle will last a long time! You can pick this up for £37 over at the Cult Beauty Website. Which on a side note Id recommend checking out if you're thinking of treating yourself, I love the idea behind the website and have spotted a few great deals!                                                                                                       


  1. I've heard about this product but wasnt quite sure how it worked.great review - deffo something I will consider buying x

    1. I think its a great product, The first lighter concealer I've found that actually works! xx

  2. Great review, I think this is such strange packaging for a concealer knowing me if I wasn't paying attention I'd be applying it like foundation haha. I would be a little worried how this would work against my skin with it being one shade, glad to hear that it is blend-able though :) Just don't know if I could splurge on that at the moment :(

    Charmed Charlee

    1. I'm surprised I haven't done that yet haha, But I wish all concealers were packaged like this now! xx