Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hemp Hand Protector

When I was younger the skin on my hands would get so dry in the winter that it would physically hurt to write - of course this was a great excuse during lessons at school, but it was quite a painful experience which seems to have faded with age. That said I still have to be extra careful in the winter (and apparently spring given this current weather) to keep my hands moisturised. Lately I've been putting my trust in this hemp hand protector from The Body Shop, while I hate the smell and wouldn't think to use it in public this now lives on my bedside table ready for me to use.
From the first use this just made my hands feel so soft, I also found that the hemp hand protector doesnt irritate any redness/dryness I have on my hands and seems to help soothe them. If you do suffer with really dry hands I think this is one of the best hand creams you could try, yes I hate the smell and I'm not a huge fan of the packaging but this has worked wonders for me.

You can pick this up over on The Body Shop's website at £5 for 30ml or £10 for 100ml.


  1. I got my mam some of this for Christmas, she loves the stuff xo

  2. I tried this but the smell put me off too. I also found the lid really fiddly, especially sfter you've used the product, and cut into my hands before use, with my hands being dry