Thursday, 21 February 2013

Twenty Five Facts About Me

1) I'm a quarter Scottish and instantly feel at home when I'm back there.

2)I've only ever been out of the UK three times to visit France. Twice to Paris where I was lucky enough to go to Disneyland both times. I also went to Le Touquet with my school - It was beautiful.

3)After three years of studying French, I know one sentence 'Can I take my blazer off please?' - I can also say that I'm 12 but I'm not sure that counts anymore.

4)My friend attempted to teach me Spanish, She gave up after a week. On the plus side I can still say 'Let's go party' - Although that knowelege mainly comes from years of babysitting and being made to watch Dora the Explorer..

5)In year five I had a South African teacher - I still know every word to the national anthem.

6) I have five offers to study Law with Criminology at uni next year.

7) I have an A grade GCSE in Maths. My Mum actually didn't believe me when I told her.

8) I'm currently in my second year at college studying Law, Sociology and English.. I show up to a general studies class once a week too.

9)I have a huge passion for law, and its the only thing I can ever see myself doing in the future. My Mum blames my Nan for buying me the Legally Blonde boxset when I was younger.. I loved it!

10) My Grandad has always been like a Dad to me, We're still very close.
11) I'm pretty much addicted to TV right now, It may just be the cold weather but in the last two days I've watched every Girls episode, and  the first seven episodes of the lying game.

12) I've been in the audience of a few TV Shows including Ministry of Mayhem, X factor, Britain's got talent and So you think you can dance. I also spotted myself at T4 on the beach in 2010

13) I've seen Dizze Rascal, Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah, Diana Vickers, Tinchy Stryder, Plan B, The Black eyed Peas and Jessie J live. To be honest they're not all people I would choose to see personally, But my friends seem to constantly win tickets and invite me along so I'm a pretty lucky girl!

14) I have such a boys taste in films, I'd happy take action over chick flick any day.

15) I spend way too much time on YouTube.

16) I live with my Mum and three sisters - Yes using the bathroom in the morning is as hard as it sounds. 

17) I embarrass myself - On a daily basis.

18) I'm currently reading Pride & Prejudice, to the surprise of all of my friends I still haven't seen the movie.

19) I'm obsessed with peanut butter cups.

20) I have more lip products than anything else.
21)I cant take tablets..It gets to the point where we have to attempt to crush up paracetamol in public and mix them with a drink . Thankfully I don't take many - Otherwise I'd constantly look like a drug dealer..

22) I have a fear of blood. And I don't mean a small fear, I will literally faint.

23) I've never been to the hairdressers, I'm quite lucky in that my Mum knows quite a few and my aunt is also trained.

24) I've been on the London Eye.

25) I have a thing for flat shoes. I don't care if its snowing!


  1. Love these facts! I've never been to France :( x

    1. I'm actually planning to go again in the summer, Its just so easy to get too :) xx

  2. Hehe cool. I'm full Scottish and feel at home here. It's just very damp and wet :-( Not good weather for swatching holo polishes let me tell ya!

    What parts of Scotland have you been to?

    1. Yay for Scots! I normally pack for the summer and it never happens!
      I come from Ayrshire so I've only ever been around that area, how about you xx