Sunday, 17 February 2013

Things to do this week..

Since I'm in my last year at college, I still get half term which is always a welcomed break. I always feel like I waste the week, and while I still plan to catch up with everyone I've neglected while I've had deadlines and exams - I think there's things that I 'need' to get done so I've set myself a list:

1/ Although I've only just started my new units, The terms only get shorter from here and I have around 10 college weeks until exams - This means only 50 days  or even 40 lessons for each subject before I sit my exams. I may have just panicked myself there. But my aim is to get the work done this time before it builds up, Okay I say that every time I get time off. But I will this time because I've written it here and that makes it official!

2/ Start a new series. I don't quite understand why I've picked this goal after the panic I've just given myself. But I do have extra time this half term and deserve a break! I don't know how I've managed to keep this Gossip Girl DVD sealed since December (Serious will power I'm guessing) I'm debating rewatching this, or starting a new TV show altogether  I currently love Pretty Little Lairs, Revenge, and Vampire Diaries - Any recommendations? 

3/ Have a pamper day! I got the above mask as part of a Christmas gift from a friend and have been dying to try it, Perhaps this day will do along well with with watching a new TV Show - Either way I'm looking forward to it!

4/ Experiment with make up. I find this hard to do during term time, just because whenever I'm indoors in the morning and evening its dark and the lighting in my house is rubbish so I cant see what I'm doing anyway. Because of this I just end up playing it safe and end up opting for the same make up everyday, which isn't ideal for someone who has so much make up to get through!

5/ Do something different with my hair. All of my friends will be pleased by this one since they always seem to be begging me to keep my hair wavy It's not that I don't want to try something different - Its just I have around 45 minutes to get myself ready every morning and it just makes sense for it to remain in a style that takes 10-15 minutes away from my day.  

So that's my plan for the week, although in between meeting up with the girls and attempting to get this list done, I'm pretty sure it will be over before I know it! Are you guys off this week too, What are you planning to do?


  1. I honestly was so close to crying after I had finished watching gossip girl, but I have just started watching girls and I love it.

    1. I loved Gossip Girl, Thank you for the recommendation I'll have to look that up xx

  2. great plan, i feel like i waist the holidays too, i always think what did i actually do all week?xx