Monday, 18 February 2013

Japonesque Angled Foundation Brush

I've been wanting to try an angled foundation brush for some time now, So when I saw this Japonesque one in the Boots Clearance for just £3.50 I had to pick it up!  After some research I discovered that this was part of Japonesque's travel range - Which explains the small handle. At first I thought I would find the brush hard to use because of the lack of length, although after a few weeks I've realised that because the handle is so small the brush is easier to control. 
I love the fact that the brush itself is angled, It makes getting all of the awkward curves of the face so easy. You can then use the flat side to smooth over your foundation. I haven't touched my beloved stippling brush since! I found this complements my Rimmel match perfection really well - But my tinted moisturiser not so much (But then again it doesn't claim to do so and it is a lot thicker in texture)
Overall I really like this, and would consider paying £17.50 for it as its something you can go on using for a really long time. You can find it on the Boots website here.


  1. This looks really good, and the rush looks nice and thick :) wow, absolutely fantastic value!xx

    1. I love it, It was amazing value :) xx

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