Monday, 14 January 2013

Up In The Air Cream Blush Duo

I've never owned any Topshop make up before, So when I saw that this lovely up in the air duo was down to just £6 in the sale I automatically wanted one (although I've seen a few bloggers who picked it up for £3 since then). I didn't want to pay shipping for just one item and I don't have a Topshop that stocks make up near me, So my lovely friend picked me up one when sale shopping in London. Needless to say I was very excited! 
This duo was part of the Louise Gray for Topshop collection, which (like always with topshop) I loved the designs of! This really stands out in my make up bag, the packaging is also really sturdy and complete with a big mirror too! Topshop's advice was to 'Dot on the cheeks and blend' which I thought was a great tip as soon as I saw the vibrancy of the shades in real life.
This duo contains one pinkey purple shade and one coraly apricot shade, which are both miles off my normally fairly safe day to day blushes! You get loads of product for you money as both pans are a lovely 5g each!
They're both bendable, creamy and amazingly pigmented! Neither shade is nowhere near as scary as they look in pan form once blended and if blended enough give a lovely natural look.
Although the below image isn't amazingly focused it gives you guys an idea of how these baby's look blended out.
 I really have come to love this duo! It's worth every penny and I recommend you go have a rummage at your local Topshop and see if you can pick it up for yourself for as little as £3!


  1. The pink/purple is so gorgeous x

  2. these 2 shades are great, how I wish I could get one too :(
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too :)

    1. If you cant find this in your local topshop, they offer lots of cream blushes online and I'm pretty sure they ship everywhere! xx