Monday, 28 January 2013

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Range..

I couldn't resist last month when I saw that The Body Shop had 40% off of everything, So I put in an order for a few bits including both the Skin Clearing Lotion and Night Lotion from  the Tea Tree range. As always with skincare posts, I'll point out that I have relatively normal skin - although I'm prone to the occasional spot here and there. This gets worse during exam season where I find myself breaking out a lot more - Today was actually my last exam, so I figured I'd tell you guys how the pair of these did.
The Tea Tree Skin Clearing lotion is a lightweight gel which absorbs almost instantly into my skin, I've seen may comments on TSB website on how people have successfully used it as a primer/moisturiser although personally I just have it on my beside table and apply it whenever I feel the need to along side my normal skincare routine. I find it gives a lovely cooling sensation which lets you know it's getting to work and I also found it to be very hydrating.
This lotion is available in Body Shop stores or online for £8/50ml 
My first reaction to the night lotion was it has a pump! Which is something I love in all of my beauty products as I just find it more hygienic and I seem to use less product. But on the down side of the packaging, I have no idea how much of this product I have used or more importantly how much I have left. That aside, I have used 1-2 pumps of this every night for a month now and its still going. I would say this is more of a cream texture compered to the gel of the other lotion and have to say I noticed an immediate difference in the difference in my skin the first time I used it along side my night cream.
This is £9/30ml from Body shop stores or online.
I couldn't comment much on what they've done for my skin individually as I've used the pair along side each other. While I think the skin clearing lotion is great throughout the day the night cream gives your skin that  extra boost while you sleep. As I mentioned before I've just ended my three week exam period, normally my face would look like a pizza but I honestly have just a few small blemishes. I noticed before using this I'd developed some small scaring around my cheek area which has been dramatically reduced over this past month. I don't think you need both of these products, but one is worth an investment - Its just a case of personal preference although I couldn't pick between the pair! 
What's your favourite Body Shop product?


  1. I'm always hearing great things about the tea tree range. I love tea tree too, one of my favourites is the Lush toner, it's so refreshing! xo

    1. Its worth a try, especially if your already a fan of tea tree xx

  2. The night cream looks really good. When I get a new job I am going to invest in the tea tree range, I keep hearing good things about it.


    1. I hope you like it as much as I go :) xx

  3. I love love love the smell of tea tree!

    - Andrea Marie xx