Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January Empties

This month has been rather eventful meaning I did get to use up as many products as I normally do. But with that in mind I still made my way through quite a few. 

Toni & Guy Shampoo and Conditioner for blonde hair

I loved this at the start of the month, but now I just feel like my hair is just used to them and it's not worth the £12 for the pair - It was lovely while it lasted but I'll happily go back to my Dove which costs around a pound per bottle. 

Pantene Repair & Protect repair nourishing mask

I loved this and at just a pound from poundland I'll happily go and stock up!

Dirty Works Body Scrub

I really liked this, I have a few more scrubs to get through but maybe I'll buy again.

Dirty Works Body Lotion 

I mentioned in this post that I found this product very hit and miss. That's still the case so I wont be rebuying.

Dirty Works Shower Wash

I feel the same about this as I do with the scrub, Its not something I need right now as I have others to get through but I would buy again in the future. 

I love..Tropical Paradise Body Lotion

For some reason I wasn't a fan of this when I first brought it - Now I love it and was gutted to see it end. I loved that you could really smell the coconut! 

Soap & Glory's the Righteous butter

I liked this, I just made my way through it too quickly and for the price I just cant justify so wont be rebuying. 


  1. Wow you got through those Dirty Works things rather quickly, they must be good! xx

    1. In under a month haha, I liked using them :) x