Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Since this is my first post of 2013 I really wanted to acknowledge it rather than just posting something such as a review. I hope you all had a lovely night last night, even if it was indoors! I attended a New Years Eve party which was..eventful. Thank God for free trains since I managed to miss the last bus home (you'd think they'd be more around at this time of year). I really wanted to show you guys my outfit, but I didn't get round to getting any blog pictures so today I thought i'd share some beauty resolutions instead since these seem to be popular right now.
1. Invest in beauty - I think anyone who knows me well would say I do this enough, But I tend to spend a lot  on high street products (hints the name of my blog) but really want to broaden that this year. Okay, So I cant go buy a new MAC lipstick every week, but there's always birthdays! I also want to do this with make up brushes too -  I love the ones I currently use but would benefit from some better quality ones, My Mum has actually promised my The Real Techniques Core Collection in a few weeks as part of my Christmas present so I may be able to start this one sooner than I thought! 

2. Drink more water - I go through stages of being pretty much addicted to water, to not drinking it for weeks. Over the festive period I've pretty much replaced my water intake with Pepsi! As well as being generally healthier drinking water can have so many beauty benefits, so I'm determined to keep it up this year!
3. Mix up my make up more - Once I find a combination of products I love, I pretty much stick to them! So this year I want to try and shop my stash that bit more so most (if not all) of my products are put to good use. I  also want to give some unloved products a new home!

4. Find the perfect contour shade - I've wanted to master contouring for a while now but finding a good contour on the high street is hard work! Originally I wanted the Sleek kit although my local Superdrug has stopped stocking it,but I've been looking into NYX's taupe which looks great for pale skin and is available on Ebay for around £6 with shipping.
5. Use masks  more - Considering I just spent  £20 on face masks I some how think I may feel more compelled to do this one. Face masks are great for you skin - I'm just a very lazy person! So this year I'm determined to keep them as part of my skincare routine!

Have you made any resolutions?!  

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