Saturday, 12 January 2013

Currently on my face..

A few months ago my make up was organised in sections for each type of product, It felt good knowing everything had its own place although It just wasn't ideal for those mornings where I need to be out the door by half seven. When I was photographing my 2012 products I happened to use this box to transport the products down stairs and it just suddenly developed into the place my 'everyday' make up goes. Not only does it save me rummaging around in a million and one places every morning, I can just leave it by the side of my bed and my make up area actually looks tidy most of the time for a change.
I'm slowly falling more in love with this which I use as a primer, My skin just fills so smooth! Would I spend £35 on it? I'm still not sure!
If I'm having a bad skin day I will just pat a bit of this on before my foundation - It works wonders for redness! I think this is something everyone should have in their make up bag.
I wont go too much into this purely because I posted a full review just days ago (which is linked above) but I just think its a great foundation and I really enjoy using it.
I think this is a great product which everyone should consider trying out at least once - again there is a link above for a full review if you're interested. 
I've been trying this out over the last five days, So far so good - But I want to use it for a little longer before I form a real opinion on it.
This is something I've well and truely battered! It does the job at setting my foundation and doesnt leave me orange which is always great with my pale skin
Because I've only mentioned this one around five hundredth and twelve times on my blog.. It's just my ideal colour and it amazes me that I still haven't managed to hit pan!
Another product in i'm the process of trying, but the texture's great!
I'm amazed that this is just a pound, Its great! 
This palette seems to work for pretty much all occasions, not only is it great for daily use the darker shades make it suitable for night too.
Yet another newish product I'm trying! I love that this is so much smaller than any of my MUA palettes - Perfect for travelling!
Mua have some amazing products, this happens to be my favourite. This works wonders for eyeshadow, It's just perfect.
This is amazing at brightening my eyes in the morning and after just a few short weeks I'd be lost without it.
At under a fiver this stuff is amazing! Beats so many others I've owned which were three times the price.
Loud Lips in Petal Nude
A great everyday shade, I've linked above to a full review
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey
Yet another product I'm currently testing! I really like this and would recommend picking one up soon if you want to try them as they seem to be £5 everywhere at the moment.
Revlon Lipglosses
These are amazing. Last year I was lucky enough to get one as a gift, and I got the other one in a Revlon Giveaway! For me nothing lipgloss wise beats these - And I believe these are also £5 at the moment too.
Soap & Glory Wowed Mouth
I picked this up in the sales for just £6 and love all six shades! Like with too many of these products I plan to do a full post soon.
Primark Eyelash Curlers 
Considering these were just a pound, these are bloody amazing. I picked them up after my ELF ones snapped and have loved them ever since.
EcoTools Concealer Brush
I think these brushes are great value for money, I really like using this one with my MUA concealer palette and it does a great job.
Hello Kitty Eye Brush
About a year ago I picked up this brush alone with three eye shadows for £6 in the sales, I was really surprised with it and have used it since.
Avon Angled Blush Brush
I just really like using this one for my blush in the morning.
EcoTools Blush Brush
I use this for powder and it does a great job.
ELF Stipple Brush
I started using this when I realised my foundation was a little dark for my face, It just blends effortlessly and gives a 'airbrushed' effect

So that is pretty much everything I've been using/trying over the past few weeks. Before I end I just wanted to add that I may not be able respond to your comments as quickly as I normally do over the next couple of weeks because I've now started my exams which leaves me stupidly busy.. But that said I'm planing to write  a few posts over this weekend for the following week or so, so you guys wont be completely abandoned.
What products are you currently wearing?


  1. I swear by skyscraper mascara, i honestly haven't come across one that lives up to it! Great post :)

    1. I think its amazing, It deserves much more attention ! xx

  2. Match perfection foundation is my favourite, I have it in colour 010, I find it so so hard to find foundation that matches my VERY pale skin but this foundation is brilliant! I also use the MUA eyeshadow and rotate between the Skyscraper mascara and a couple others, I love the skyscraper one:)! good blog post!! xxxx

    1. I want to try a lighter shade as its a little dark , although this was a gift so I do want to finish it first. They're all wonderful products and thank you lovely xx

  3. I love the MUA heaven and earth palette and the sky scraper mascara - I use them most days!

    1. They're a great combo of products! xx