Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Favourites

Since we last had a good old catch up I've  been through five exams, received offers from five universities and had Ant & Dec bow at me. So maybe I should explain that last one.. During the middle of my exams my best friend had tickets to the Britain's Got Talent Auditions, I wanted really to go a so met straight her after one of my exams to jump on the train to London. We were too late for a ticket and were told to come back a few hours later because sometimes people with reserved seats don't show up. We did thinking we wouldn't get in because there were over 90 people in front of us still. After a while what we thought was the last ticket went to somebody a few people in front of us It was a little gutting until the event people told us the boxes were free and we ended up in the royal box. Okay, I'm babbling now - But It was an amazing experience even if we had a camera on us the whole time after standing for hours in the snow.. Presides I'm basically a Princess now ;) 

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk

I love everything about this product. It smells amazing, leaves my skin feeling soft and has a pump! What more could you want?!

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly

I love the smell of this, I want a little handbag size now too!

TBS Tree Tea Products

These have left me so impressed, I want to try more from the range! 

Origins Clear improvement 

This has really helped clean up my pores, Is it worth the £20 price tag?! I'm not sure yet.

Elf Stipple Brush

I've never really used a brush for my foundation but I've been loving using this daily.

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Honey 

I love this, I really need to post a full review ASAP!

Look Beauty Loud its in Petal Nude

Just a lovely everyday shade see my full review here

Elf Shimmer Palette 

I won this off of another blogger, and I have to say its lovely!

Colour Club Insta-This

So many people have asked me where this polish is from - Shame it was a special one for Jolie Box!

Maybelline The Falsies 

Tanya Burr constantly mentions this in her videos - So far so good! 

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January Empties

This month has been rather eventful meaning I did get to use up as many products as I normally do. But with that in mind I still made my way through quite a few. 

Toni & Guy Shampoo and Conditioner for blonde hair

I loved this at the start of the month, but now I just feel like my hair is just used to them and it's not worth the £12 for the pair - It was lovely while it lasted but I'll happily go back to my Dove which costs around a pound per bottle. 

Pantene Repair & Protect repair nourishing mask

I loved this and at just a pound from poundland I'll happily go and stock up!

Dirty Works Body Scrub

I really liked this, I have a few more scrubs to get through but maybe I'll buy again.

Dirty Works Body Lotion 

I mentioned in this post that I found this product very hit and miss. That's still the case so I wont be rebuying.

Dirty Works Shower Wash

I feel the same about this as I do with the scrub, Its not something I need right now as I have others to get through but I would buy again in the future. 

I love..Tropical Paradise Body Lotion

For some reason I wasn't a fan of this when I first brought it - Now I love it and was gutted to see it end. I loved that you could really smell the coconut! 

Soap & Glory's the Righteous butter

I liked this, I just made my way through it too quickly and for the price I just cant justify so wont be rebuying. 

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Range..

I couldn't resist last month when I saw that The Body Shop had 40% off of everything, So I put in an order for a few bits including both the Skin Clearing Lotion and Night Lotion from  the Tea Tree range. As always with skincare posts, I'll point out that I have relatively normal skin - although I'm prone to the occasional spot here and there. This gets worse during exam season where I find myself breaking out a lot more - Today was actually my last exam, so I figured I'd tell you guys how the pair of these did.
The Tea Tree Skin Clearing lotion is a lightweight gel which absorbs almost instantly into my skin, I've seen may comments on TSB website on how people have successfully used it as a primer/moisturiser although personally I just have it on my beside table and apply it whenever I feel the need to along side my normal skincare routine. I find it gives a lovely cooling sensation which lets you know it's getting to work and I also found it to be very hydrating.
This lotion is available in Body Shop stores or online for £8/50ml 
My first reaction to the night lotion was it has a pump! Which is something I love in all of my beauty products as I just find it more hygienic and I seem to use less product. But on the down side of the packaging, I have no idea how much of this product I have used or more importantly how much I have left. That aside, I have used 1-2 pumps of this every night for a month now and its still going. I would say this is more of a cream texture compered to the gel of the other lotion and have to say I noticed an immediate difference in the difference in my skin the first time I used it along side my night cream.
This is £9/30ml from Body shop stores or online.
I couldn't comment much on what they've done for my skin individually as I've used the pair along side each other. While I think the skin clearing lotion is great throughout the day the night cream gives your skin that  extra boost while you sleep. As I mentioned before I've just ended my three week exam period, normally my face would look like a pizza but I honestly have just a few small blemishes. I noticed before using this I'd developed some small scaring around my cheek area which has been dramatically reduced over this past month. I don't think you need both of these products, but one is worth an investment - Its just a case of personal preference although I couldn't pick between the pair! 
What's your favourite Body Shop product?

Saturday, 26 January 2013

No7 Vouchers reminder!

I'm up early today for a revision class, I'm not too happy considering it's a Saturday! Today happens to be my blogging day, but hopefully it will be worth it and I'll be all ready for my exam on Monday. Today I figured I'd just remind you all that the No7 vouchers expire on the 27th since I almost forgot myself. Personally I think I'll be stocking up on wipes, trying the new cleansing water and perhaps this highlighter.
What will you be buying?

Friday, 25 January 2013

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star

I've talked about Soap & Glory quite a lot this month as I've had the chance to try so many new products. After the Christmas sales I've literally acquired a whole shelf of products just waiting to be used - My current favourite happens to be this body lotion which I honestly didn't expect that much from since I've always favoured body butters. But It's really surprised me this week and is something I see myself buying again!
 I moisturise religiously every morning and night, and one thing that annoys me - especially in the morning when I'm rushing to be out to the car on time is waiting around for my moisturiser to sink in - or being left with marks on my clothes because it hasn't had the time. But with this I was just so pleased with how quickly it sinks in, Its practically immediate which I've been loving. I also love the pump! It stops me from wasting too much product, and I've found that after a weeks use I haven't even used a 10th of this yet which is a miracle considering how fast I normally go though body lotions. As with all Soap & Glory products I've tried, it leaves my skin feeling lovely and with an amazing scent with lingers for a few hours. I cant quite put my finger on it but it's somewhere between cake mix and cookies - Either way its heavenly!
At just £10 for 500ml I cant recomend this enough! You can pick it up in selected Boots Stores.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My beauty bag essentials..

I'm always changing my bag, So it just makes life easier to have all of my beauty essentials in one place rather than rummaging around my bags to find them. Last year I picked up this cute little clutch from Primark for just a £1 and  it's just the perfect size for poping in my handbags.
Hand wise I always have a hand cream with me, When I photographed this I had the body shops 'hemp hand protector' - Although I'm not a huge fan of the smell I love how soft it leaves my hands and happened to had misplaced my favourite Loccitane hand cream that day. I'm not too bothered my hand gels normally, but I added this to my body shop order to get free shipping so figured I may aswell get some use out of it. I actually really like the smell.
Of course I need a lip balm considering the eventful weather we've been having, my current one is Nivea's soothe & protect which I received in a set for Christmas It does a good job and I have no complaints so far.  I also have my two of my most worn lip shades; Revlon's just bitten kissable balm stain in Honey and Rimmel's lasting finish in 101. Lastly from make up I have my trusty collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in case I feel the need for any touch ups throughout the day. I also have this cute mirror and perfume atomiser filled with the body shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom (It seems there's a bit of a body shop theme!) 

What's in your bag?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Mist You Madly Body Spary

I don't post about fragrances much - Probably because I'm rubbish at describing them! But I thought this deserved a mention since it smells lovely and is so cheap! I've previously owned Soap & Glory's The daily smooth body butter which is scented with the 'mist you madly' scent. I loved it but I just didn't think it was worth the £8.50 as I found that I made my way through it so quickly. I'd been meaning to pick this up since the scent was the reason I loved the body butter so much. So when I saw a set including this, a shower gel, body butter, and scrub all scented with Mist you madly for just £17.50 in the sales I jumped at the chance to finally try it. As I mentioned I'm rubbish at describing scents so I'll leave that to Boots Soap & Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray is a flirty, floral, fragrant body spray featuring notes of bergamot and blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk' I find that this lasts around 3-4 hours, but If I'm honest I have perfumes that cost ten times the price which last around the same time and since this is so cheap I don't mind respraying.
For just £6.50 you get a massive 250ml of product or £3.50 for 100ml (perfect handbag size). 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

My current hair care routine..

Although I don't post about  hair products often, like my skin care routine my hair routine plays a big part in my life. I have long naturally blonde hair which couldn't seem to pick one shade, meaning I literally have multi-coloured blonde hair with stands of light and dark blonde with a little ginger thrown for good measure. I find that while one day my hair can look extremely light the next it can be a lot darker - or how my friend once put it '50 Shades of Blonde'. I've never actually been to a hair dressers, but luckily I have a qualified Aunt who gets the joy of me yelling 'Dont cut too much off!' around once a year because as much as I know my hair is in need of a good cut - I just cant bring myself to do it! This isn't helped by the fact it suffers far too much heat damage, So finding good products to use on my hair is a must for me to prevent it from suffering any further damage.

1) Toni & Guy shampoo and Conditioner for blonde hair 

I stocked up on these after Christmas in the Boots sale, at the time I loved them and really noticed the difference in my hair. However after a month of using these, they just haven't got the wow factor anymore. After these run out, I don't see myself rushing out to pay £12 for the pair and will be going back to Dove!

2)Basite Blonde dry shampoo

I'll use this every other day just to prevent me washing my hair too much and causing it further heat damage. It's the only dry shampoo I've ever found myself loving, and is well worth the £3.99 for the month and a half I get out of it.

3)Pantene repair and protect mask

I found this in my local Poundland the other week  and will be stocking up! I've been using it a couple of times a week and have noticed a huge difference to my hair - It just feels so so soft!

4) Toni & Guy Leave in Conditioner 

Again something else I found in the sales. I've been using this since my hair oil run out around the Christmas period and I have to say it leaves my hair feeling lovely and I still have loads left! Not too sure if I'll buy again though yet.

What are you currently using on your hair?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

My current top five lip products

Hi Guys, I hope you're all well! Although I had posts up all week, they were scheduled I haven't had the chance to write a post in nearly a week now because of my exams (only two more go!) It's lovely to be blogging again today. I also hit 200 GFC followers and 30,000 page views last night which was amazing - Thank you to each and every one of you who have taken the time to read, follow and comment on this blog! I try so so many lip products every month, and although I've found many that I love, very few manage to make it into my make up routine. I've noticed lately that there are five products that I find myself reaching for above the others - mainly consisting of nudes!
From left - right; Rimmel lasting finish in shade 101, Revlon lipgloss in orchid, Revlon just bitten balm stain in honey, Revlon lipgloss in peony, Look Beauty in Petal nude

Rimmel Lasting finish by Kate in shade 101

This has to me my favourite lipstick in my make up collection - It pretty much lives in my bag since it seems to go perfectly with every make up look! As always I have linked my full review above so I'd recommend checking that out if you want to here more about this - Its worth every penny!

Revlon Lipglosses

I some how ended up with two of these, one was a gift from a friend and the other sent to me by Revlon after I won a Christmas giveaway of theirs. I personally think these are the best lipglosses on the highstreet, while Orchid offers an amazingly pigmented purpley pink shade, Peony is a lovely 'everyday' subtle pink shimmer which I love. I find them both to be non sticky and non drying!

Revlon balm stain in honey

I've been loving this and hope to have a full review up soon, I love how it glides onto the lips so effortlessly and leaves a non drying stain! The colour is so me too!

Look Beauty Loud Lips in Petal Nude

Again I have linked a full review above it's just a perfect nude but a little bit more shade! Half price at the moment too!

Which lip products do you find yourself reaching for?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Soap & Glory's Clean On Me. . .

I never thought I'd be one day posting about a shower gel, but I love this and use this so much I feel like It deserves some attention on my blog. I'm a massive fan of Soap & Glory and this product is really no exception, It just smells heavenly. I'm rubbish at explaining scents so I wont even try, but It just has that classic Soap & Glory smell to it which I love. 
 I'd really recommend a shower puff if you don't already own one because with just two pumps of this your whole body will be clean and smelling amazing! It lathers well on it's own but with a little encouragement from the shower puff and the effects are amazing. I love the fact that this has a pump as it just makes life so much easier and saves me wasting any.
Who would have thought I'd have so much to write on a shower gel?! You can pick this up from boots for just £5.50 for a huge 500ml!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Famous High Five Eyeshadow..

I was browsing in one of my local Superdrug's last week when I spotted that the Famous range by Sue Moxley was all half price. Like always in Superdrug, the stock on the range was running seriously low meaning they only had really bright blushes left and a couple of eye shadows that didn't interest me at all. It wasn't until I made it to the MUA stand that I spotted someone had dumped this beauty - It was fate!
I've only ever tried a nail polish from Famous so was excited to try this because the shades are in 'Smouldering' are so 'me'. I have to say I was left so surprised, not only are these shades so soft they're all amazingly pigmented with the exception of the highlight shade which is understandable really. I tested these out yesterday without a primer, they were still perfect after six hours at which point it was getting late and I just wanted to take my make up off, but the fact that even with no primer they lasted so long without creasing amazes me! I love the fact that out of this little palette there are so many looks you can create, You have everything you need for a soft day look and for a full on evening look!
I think this is a bargain at just £4.99 (Currently £2.49), although this range can be hard to come by - In my four nearest Superdrugs I've only seen one that stocks it!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Best of Dirty Works.

Dirty Works is been a brand that I've wanted to try for a while, But I've never really had the chance to since the range is exclusively stocked in Sainsbury's which isn't a store I tend to venture into and is in a completely different area to the other shops in my local shopping centre. I was lucky enough to receive the 'Best of Dirty works' gift set for Christmas which contained a Body wash, scrub and lotion which I was excited to try.
I think the packaging of these are great,and for quite a cheap scrub this does a wonderful job! Its not too harsh on the skin and leaves it left feeling smooth. It also leaves a lovely scent on the skin which reminds me a lot of S&G Products!

I somehow have loads of this body wash left, Despite using alternating between my S&G one for the past few weeks. It has a gel like texture that lathers wonderfully and leaves skin smelling just a lovely as the scrub does. I know it's going to last me a long long time.

I hate a love/hate relationship with this, At first I thought this product was my pick of the bunch, it smelt great and left my skin feeling lovely, But after a while the smell started to put me off - It was almost 'perfume' like and it just really wasn't my cup of tea. Although there's other times I've smelt this and thought it smells amazing. But that said the smell of this honestly doesn't stay on my skin and I will happily finish this bottle.

Overall I really like the Dirty works range and will happily pick up the wash and scrub again, Despite using nearly three fourths of the body lotion I still haven't managed to work out if I like it enough to buy again.
Have you tried anything from the Dirty works range?

Monday, 14 January 2013

Up In The Air Cream Blush Duo

I've never owned any Topshop make up before, So when I saw that this lovely up in the air duo was down to just £6 in the sale I automatically wanted one (although I've seen a few bloggers who picked it up for £3 since then). I didn't want to pay shipping for just one item and I don't have a Topshop that stocks make up near me, So my lovely friend picked me up one when sale shopping in London. Needless to say I was very excited! 
This duo was part of the Louise Gray for Topshop collection, which (like always with topshop) I loved the designs of! This really stands out in my make up bag, the packaging is also really sturdy and complete with a big mirror too! Topshop's advice was to 'Dot on the cheeks and blend' which I thought was a great tip as soon as I saw the vibrancy of the shades in real life.
This duo contains one pinkey purple shade and one coraly apricot shade, which are both miles off my normally fairly safe day to day blushes! You get loads of product for you money as both pans are a lovely 5g each!
They're both bendable, creamy and amazingly pigmented! Neither shade is nowhere near as scary as they look in pan form once blended and if blended enough give a lovely natural look.
Although the below image isn't amazingly focused it gives you guys an idea of how these baby's look blended out.
 I really have come to love this duo! It's worth every penny and I recommend you go have a rummage at your local Topshop and see if you can pick it up for yourself for as little as £3!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sugar Crush Body Scrub

I mentioned in my Christmas post that my Mum was given the 'Best of All' Soap & Glory set for Christmas this year and wanted to share it with me as i'm a massive fan of their products. One of the things I was given from the set was the 'Sugar Crush Scrub' Which I've heard so much about! 
The thing I hear most about this is the smell, Which I can understand since I literally cant stop smelling it. It's very very limey and probably not to everyone's taste especially if you're not a fan of sweet smells. But that said It's a wonderful scrub, It's not too harsh on the skin but it isn't soft enough to be useless. It leaves skin feeling so soft, to the point you only need to use it once or twice a week meaning it should last a really long time.
This retails at £8.00 for 300ml, but I'd recommend looking around for the old design - I spotted some on my local market while Christmas shopping at just £5 for 450ml, I may have to see if they still have them next week and pick up a back up!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Currently on my face..

A few months ago my make up was organised in sections for each type of product, It felt good knowing everything had its own place although It just wasn't ideal for those mornings where I need to be out the door by half seven. When I was photographing my 2012 products I happened to use this box to transport the products down stairs and it just suddenly developed into the place my 'everyday' make up goes. Not only does it save me rummaging around in a million and one places every morning, I can just leave it by the side of my bed and my make up area actually looks tidy most of the time for a change.
I'm slowly falling more in love with this which I use as a primer, My skin just fills so smooth! Would I spend £35 on it? I'm still not sure!
If I'm having a bad skin day I will just pat a bit of this on before my foundation - It works wonders for redness! I think this is something everyone should have in their make up bag.
I wont go too much into this purely because I posted a full review just days ago (which is linked above) but I just think its a great foundation and I really enjoy using it.
I think this is a great product which everyone should consider trying out at least once - again there is a link above for a full review if you're interested. 
I've been trying this out over the last five days, So far so good - But I want to use it for a little longer before I form a real opinion on it.
This is something I've well and truely battered! It does the job at setting my foundation and doesnt leave me orange which is always great with my pale skin
Because I've only mentioned this one around five hundredth and twelve times on my blog.. It's just my ideal colour and it amazes me that I still haven't managed to hit pan!
Another product in i'm the process of trying, but the texture's great!
I'm amazed that this is just a pound, Its great! 
This palette seems to work for pretty much all occasions, not only is it great for daily use the darker shades make it suitable for night too.
Yet another newish product I'm trying! I love that this is so much smaller than any of my MUA palettes - Perfect for travelling!
Mua have some amazing products, this happens to be my favourite. This works wonders for eyeshadow, It's just perfect.
This is amazing at brightening my eyes in the morning and after just a few short weeks I'd be lost without it.
At under a fiver this stuff is amazing! Beats so many others I've owned which were three times the price.
Loud Lips in Petal Nude
A great everyday shade, I've linked above to a full review
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey
Yet another product I'm currently testing! I really like this and would recommend picking one up soon if you want to try them as they seem to be £5 everywhere at the moment.
Revlon Lipglosses
These are amazing. Last year I was lucky enough to get one as a gift, and I got the other one in a Revlon Giveaway! For me nothing lipgloss wise beats these - And I believe these are also £5 at the moment too.
Soap & Glory Wowed Mouth
I picked this up in the sales for just £6 and love all six shades! Like with too many of these products I plan to do a full post soon.
Primark Eyelash Curlers 
Considering these were just a pound, these are bloody amazing. I picked them up after my ELF ones snapped and have loved them ever since.
EcoTools Concealer Brush
I think these brushes are great value for money, I really like using this one with my MUA concealer palette and it does a great job.
Hello Kitty Eye Brush
About a year ago I picked up this brush alone with three eye shadows for £6 in the sales, I was really surprised with it and have used it since.
Avon Angled Blush Brush
I just really like using this one for my blush in the morning.
EcoTools Blush Brush
I use this for powder and it does a great job.
ELF Stipple Brush
I started using this when I realised my foundation was a little dark for my face, It just blends effortlessly and gives a 'airbrushed' effect

So that is pretty much everything I've been using/trying over the past few weeks. Before I end I just wanted to add that I may not be able respond to your comments as quickly as I normally do over the next couple of weeks because I've now started my exams which leaves me stupidly busy.. But that said I'm planing to write  a few posts over this weekend for the following week or so, so you guys wont be completely abandoned.
What products are you currently wearing?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

What's in my Bathroom?

I have become obsessed with bath and body products over the last few months and love watching these tag videos on Youtube. So today I figured I'd take you guys from my hallway flooring and into my bathroom to show you the products I've been loving lately. I haven't included anything like facial skincare or things that I use after taking a bath such as body butters since It would make this post quite lengthy, but be sure to let me know if you're interested in any of those and I will get a post up asap.

Right now I seem to be rotating between my Dirty works body wash and scrub, and my S&G Clean on me shower gel and Sugar Crush scrub. I wont say too much about them purely because they're all things I will eventually post about in the future (but the list keeps getting longer and longer, so if you'd like to hear about any of these sooner rather than later just let me know) I've just really been enjoying all of these products along with my skin kind bubble bath..which I apparently was too busy making bubbles with to include in this picture. Personally I don't find I react to products like many people the bubble bath is aimed at, but my sister does and owns a bottle too which has worked wonders for her, So if you have a similar problem I'd recommend it.

Hair wise I'm loving this shampoo and conditioner from Toni and Guy I just think its great for blonde hair and was a complete steal at £6.00 for both bottles. Last but not least is this mask from Pantene which I actually found in the poundshop - It leaves my hair so soft, I'm going back to stock up!

What do you have in your bathroom?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Loud Lips in Petal Nude..

I already own and love three of these lipsticks from Look Beauty's Loud Lips range, So when I saw that they had another half price sale I jumped at the chance to try one of their newer additions to the line at a lower price.
I've mentioned before how much I love the design of the look range, I just feel that the products feel and look so much more expensive than they actually are - plus I love the magnetic lid the lipsticks have!
Petal nude is just the perfect pink/brown shade which will suit pretty much every skin tone, It subtle on the lips but at the same time doesn't go unnoticed since this baby has serious pigmentation! I find this both creamy and moisturising when first applied, It definitely gets drier after a while, but nothing uncomfortable. I will mention its no where near how glossy as it looks in the below picture, its just how the light happened to hit.
You can still pick this up for just £3.50 both in selected Superdrugs and over at Look Beauty!