Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Last minute gift ideas on a budget..

I know a lot of people have already sorted their Christmas gifts already, but if your a bit like I am most years, you may not have even started! I thought since I have some of my friends presents here all ready to wrap I'd share some ideas for gifts with you in case your clueless about what to get them (warning they're all pretty much make up based)

First up is the Snow white and the Huntsman collection from Diego Dalla Palma which I picked up for a friend, normally I find make up collections a bit hit and miss especially if you're buying for someone else because their always seems to be that one product which you know wont get used. Although everything in this palette just seemed perfect for my friend. The items in this are worth £100+ so its huge saving, especially if you shop around a bit.
Because of the problems I often find in getting gift sets I know my friends will love, I decided I'd make my own make up bag for another friend. Of course when constructing a make up bag for someone else it can be hard knowing what they like, but the above gift is for someone I've known around 7 years which means I have a pretty good idea of the things she enjoys using. I know full well that she loves false lashes and managed to find these ones over at Fragrance direct for just £0.99, along with this 'Hollywood red' lipstick for just £1.99 . I also picked up my favourite eye palette from MUA (£4.00) along with a bag to put all the gifts in (Primark - £2.00). I think for under a tenner, this is a good gift, especially when I know the person receiving it will find a use for all of the products.
Another gift idea I love is making your own 'Glossy Box' - I haven't had a chance to get a box yet but hopefully the above image will give you a better idea. I like the fact that with this one you can add any type of products such as make up, nails, skin, hair and even sweets. I haven't finished collecting products yet,but I think the beauty of this box is that you can fit it to pretty much any budget. Again I found the nail wraps and Essie polish for £1.99 from good old Fragrance direct (I think today's the last shipping date for Christmas if your considering using it yourself), I also picked up this beautiful Artist collection from MUA which hosts a great range of products as well as a lipstick in the shade bare.

 Have you guys got any good gift ideas?


  1. I got a dud Hollywood red lipstick from Fragrance Direct. It was just awful! Is the one you've got fine? I'm miffed off coz they never got back to me when I complained!

    1. It looks fine, I haven't tested it though obviously. That's awful, everyone else seems to rave about them xx

    2. I know-the Essie polishes I got from them have been great! I was going to send it back to them but I've binned it-was just unusable and stank!

    3. I'm happy to hear that, I gave one of my friends their gift today with the polish and she seemed to love it - I'll be more careful when considering ordering from them again in the future though xx

  2. So many bargains! I love the make your own gift set idea :)



  3. brilliant ideas xx


  4. Great ideas! I especially love the Essie nail polish! :))