Saturday, 29 December 2012

December Empties

I'm posting both my Empties and favourites posts both a day earlier this month, So I can fit another post in for New Years Eve which I'm pretty excited about! With all the excitement of Christmas I cant say I have too many empties to share with you guys this time around, although I still have nine things to talk about.

I really like this product, and enjoyed using it. Its just a hassle which I really don't need to order it online. I'd much rather something I could pick up on the highstreet
I think this is great for the price and seems to last forever. I will pick up again when my current scrub runs out! 
I brought this after trying a tube of the product and falling in love. I just think its a great all round product with loads of uses, plus I loved the limited addition packaging on mine!

I started using this when my body butter run out, It did a lovely job I just prefer the texture body butters have so wont be buying again.
This is around my third bottle of this stuff, but lately I've been trying other primers - I'll probably end up going back to this!
Think this is great for £1.99, I just got another in a Nivea set for Christmas so look forward to using it again!
I've started using a Jemma Kidd highlighting concealer but I honestly missed this, It brightens the eye area without being cakey and is just a great  little product.
If I had £79 to waste it wouldnt be on  this! Give me S&G's handfood any day! 

What products have you guys finished this month?


  1. I absolutely loving the st ives scrub the moment also. it is such great value.

    much love


  2. I love seeing empties posts :)
    There are so many things to choose from that it always helps to see what people have actually used up!



  3. Wow, lots of empties xxx