Thursday, 29 November 2012

November Empties..

I feels like I haven't posted in forever! My last post was a whole five days ago which is pretty odd for me Although I think if you're a British blogger especially you may be with me when it comes to lighting issues, Unless I'm back by 3pm at the latest there is no chance for getting a descent picture, and of course the days I go to take them in buck the sky is grey and miserable! But enough on my misfortunes with our current weather situation, Can you believe that in just a couple of sleeps the Christmas decorations will start to go up!? I bet you every blogger out there will say a line as cliché as that, but its true! Every year I promise myself I will be more prepared for Christmas last year, although I still end up running around like a headless chicken on Christmas Eve! Its not good..

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish (£5/75ml)

I quite liked this polish which was given to me in a gift set last Christmas. Normally I prefer to use something a bit harsher but this lovely to use and I would consider picking up another for those days were I want to use something softer.

Soap and Glory The Daily Smooth Body Butter (£8.50/250ml)

I love the smell of this one, for what it is I do feel £8.50 is a little on the expensive side but I'm tempted to pick up a little bottle of the body spray it smells like since its only £3.50 for 100ml! Perfect handbag size!

Garnier Body Intensive 7 days refreshing gel with peach (£4.99/400ml)

I really loved using this product, It smells lovely, leaves your skin feeling great and lasts forever! At £4.99 its great value plus its always on offer. Personally after trying both of these '7 days' products I do favour the body lotions - But then again maybe that's because I love Cocoa butter!

Jergens Ultra Hydrating body moisturiser (£3.49/200ml)

This month I've been on a little mission to use all my half full body moisturisers which is why I finally used this up. Since Jergens have had a bit of a rebrand so I have linked to their product I'm trying at the moment because I couldn't find this online. Personally I'm not a massive fan, Dont get me wrong I dont mind the products and they work for my skin - I just feel I can find ones which perform better at a lower price. I just felt like this one wasnt anything special.

Original Source shower gel  Raspberry & Vanilla milk (£2.30/250ml)

I'm happy I only paid a pound of this to be honest, I loved the smell of it I just felt the texture was too runny and I went through the product too quickly.

Tesco Sensitive Face wash (£1.29/150ml)

I brought this ages ago so figured its about time I threw it out. From what I remembered I really liked it (I had used over 3/4's) If you looking for just a cheap simple face wash this may be worth looking up

Naked Skin Perfect Getaway Cream Cleanser (£4.49/200ml)

I really liked this and would snap a couple right away if I spotted it on offer!

Dual Action Moisturiser (£3.59/100ml)

I recall liking this at the time, but again its one of those products I feel I need to get rid off because its been stitting around a while. I'd recommend this if you have blemish prone skin but personally I wont be buying again as I'm trying to use more sensitive products.

Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser (£5.99/200ml)

I love this product! Its been my favourite cleanser for a while now and I find no matter what I use I always come back to it! I even cut this open to get the most out of it..I managed another five washes!

Vo5 Strong Hold Hairspray (£3.05/400ml)

This lasted me over a year! Fair enough I don't wear hairspray everyday, but its hardly a rare occurrence. I really liked this product and will be buying again!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Light and Blonde (£3.99/200ml)

I've never been a huge fan of dry shampoos but love this stuff, Its worth a try if you're scared of being left with a white scalp.

Tresemme Iron and Hold spray (£4.80/250ml)

I picked this stuff up for 10p and loved it! I just hope that this new bottle contains the same product!

Impulse Tease (£1.99/75ml)

I'm not a huge fan of body sprays but somehow have loads?! This was okay I guess, but I wont be buying again.

Kleenx Facial Cloths (£1.99/30)

I really like these cloths and pretty much use them for everything!

I need to stop using/buying so much these posts are always so long! What have you guys been using up this month?


  1. Great empties post I love the superdrug hot cloth cleanser it is such a great product x

    1. I recommend it to everyone, Its amazing xx

  2. i love the kleenex facial clothes, i use mine to get my facemasks off =) I've used up so many lush products this month, just can't get enough of Lush right now

    Gemma x

    1. I use mine for pretty much everything! Ooo, sounds good! I'm yet to try them, im hoping they have a good sale after xmas xx

  3. i'm going to get the hot cloth cleanser because i've heard good things about it and read this and thought, right, it's about time i get it!
    i also used up that hair spray this month :)

    1. I hope you love it as much as I do! xx

  4. wow thats alot of empties xx

    1. I'm on a mission to declutter! xx

  5. new follower! love you blog