Sunday, 4 November 2012

Free Nails Inc with Glamour.

Oh, Glamour. Why are you so tempting all of the time?! I'm a bit late with this freebie from the December 2012 issue and I see some bloggers have already got posts up about this, but I figured I'd better tell you guys just in case you hadn't seen this about it yet. I wasn't going to pick this up, I have a mountain of nail polishes in my room and I really don't need any more to add to my collection! Although when I saw other bloggers upload posts on this magazine, the red shade really caught my eye! There are Four shades available;

Motcomb street - Nails Inc call this 'an ultra chic navy blue nail polish shade.' - But to me it just looks black!  I felt this just wasn't something I was missing in my collection so I didn't go looking for it, although I'm sure this shade is one that would have many uses.

St James - This polish is summed up on the Nails Inc website as  'a pillar box red shade. St James is a show stopping red that will add instant glamour to any outfit' Which I have to agree with this shade of red is lovely and something I look forward to showing off over the festive months to come! 

Glamour GlitterBecause this is no where on the Nails Inc website and the name suggests so, I'm guessing this is a special shade just for Glamour magazine. Normally I would have run right out to pick up a glitter shade at such a good price bit this one is way too subtle for me! If you click on the words 'Glamour Glitter' I have linked to Fee's blog where she shows off this shade in action. 

Elizabeth Street - 'A delicate nude cream nail polish. Elizabeth Street is perfect for all occasions and essential to every nail polish collection.' - Personally I have way too many of these pink shades so didn't bother with this one, Although if this is something you haven't got in your collection I would recommend you check it out!
As well as the massive saving on the nail polishes, This months Glamour also has quite a few samples this month including two perfume, Rimmel BB cream, and Maxfactor Face Finity. I've also seen some people post about a sample of the Nivea primer which I'm gutted that I didn't get since I've really wanted to try that out!

Nails Inc Polishes retail for £11, each and Glamour magazine will cost you a tiny £2 which I'm sure you will agree is a great saving! 


  1. i love that magazine, its amazing!!xx

    1. They always seem to have amazing freebies at such a great price! xx