Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Cucumber Freshening Water.

I'm really disappointed in myself for falling for a product which according to may blogs has now been discontinued ! But I'm still going to write this review so you guys can rush out and check your local Body Shop stores to see if you can bag your own in the sale (I wish I picked up back ups!).Over the weekend I was looking for something to just get my make up quickly when I spotted this in the sale section of The Body Shop. For only £2 (reduced from £4) this was perfect!
I use this with a Kleenex facial cloth to just quickly sweep all my make up away, It does a great job even with my stubborn mascara! I think most people will either love or hate the smell because as the name suggests it does smell strongly of cucumber - but personally I don't mind it. I love the way this leaves my skin and will continue to use it until I finish the bottle  - Although I think that will take a long time!

Have you tried this toner?


  1. I haven't tried this but for £2 I will see if I can buy a bottle! Just a shame they are discounting it x

    1. I'm gutted! Even at £4 I thought it was amazing price xx