Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Body Shop Born Lippy in Raspberry and Watermelon

 I'm sure many of you are reaching for these types of products more and more as the weather gets even colder. While I'm such a fan of those more intensive lip treatments  products such as Carmex in winter months, I love to have something that's a bit more fun in my handbag! At just £2 a pop, the Born Lippy range from The Body Shop is perfect for me! It has a total of six different flavours in the range to collect. I currently own two (Raspberry and watermelon) although I can see myself picking up more.
Born Lippy in watermelon transfers to the lips as a clear shade,I adore the watermelony scent/taste it gives off making it a complete winner in my book despite having no colour to it. I also love the smell of the raspberry one even if it doesn't seem quite as 'natural' as the watermelon scent, with that in mind I love the shade it leaves on my lips and think both balms leave my lips feeling great!
For me both of these scents have their strengths and weakness -But I truly adore both of them and think they would make a lovely addition to anyone's handbag.

 For just £2 these are worth a try next time you're visiting your local Body Shop store.


  1. These look lovely, I get addicted to lip products in the colder months! x


    1. I think I'm pretty much addicted all year round ;) x