Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Top Five Autumn Lipstick Picks!

I've seen a few similar posts to this, So I figured I'd show you guy my favourite 'Autumn' lipsticks. Although to be honest I'm guilty of sticking to nude shades pretty much all year round!
(Kate Moss for Rimmel 101, Look Beauty Toffee Cup, Loreal Caresse 103 sweet berry, Revlon Lip butter peach parfait & MUA shade 3)

Since buying my first Kate Moss lipstick over the weekend I have been obsessed and have worn it everyday since! I haven't actually gotten around to posting about it yet so expect a full review soon! I love the look beauty range so had to include my favourite lipstick from them which I posted about here. I've never noticed how close in shade sweet berry and peach parfait are (if ignore the glitter in peach parfait which I have a love/hate relationship with). Sweet Berry from Loreal is probally my most worn lip colour this year so had to be include it along with probably one of my only Autumny shades, shade 3 from MUA

(From the Bottom: Kate Moss for Rimmel 101, Look Beauty Toffee Cup, Loreal Caresse 103 sweet berry, Revlon Lip butter peach parfait & MUA shade 3)

Do you own any of these shades? What's your most worn Autumn lip shade?


  1. these are all lovely colours! I have the mua one and its such a beautiful colour xx

    1. I love them all :) I think It may be my favourite MUA shade xx

  2. I have the lip butter :) I really love it, just picked up two more a deep red and a bright pink :)
    Love the colors you have picked out :)

    1. I wasn't sure about the lip butters for a long time but I've warmed to them and actually really like the above shade now..I think I may have to try more xx

  3. i love the mua shade 3