Thursday, 25 October 2012

My lip balm collection.

After receiving a quite few positive comments on my blush collection post I figured I'd show you guys another one of my collections today in the form of my lip collection. Although this collection is something that I've had to divide up because I have way to many lip products than is humanly possible to use up! Today I give you my lip balm collection - And as you can clearly see, lip balm is a love of mine.
Above are my potted balms, although I forgot about my beloved Carmex! My guess is I was probably using it at the time, In case you didnt know I think it's great and one of my top lip balms.
My EOS lip balm isn't really a pot, but it looked like It belonged with the others so here it is, you can see a review here from when I was in love with it - Although now I'm more on the fence and feel like the £4 something I paid for it could be better spent! 
Let me refer you to the first post I really put the effort into image wise in my earlier blogging days here .I picked up the kisses range which features there half price in the Boots sale - I still LOVE the toffee ones smell! 
Lastly I think its an unwritten rule that everyone with a balm collection like mine has at least one tub of Vaseline - Although I cant say I ever use it (or are strong enough to open it!)
Despite hating the smell and taste of the Balance me lip balm I actually have fallen in love with it and keep it in my bags at pretty much all times - I'm nearly finished it!
At first I hated these Nivea lip balms, I hated the smell of Milk & Honey and the texture of pearly shine, although lately I've been loving this pair and think that Nivea make some of the best high street lip balms around!
Let me again refer you to one of my earlier posts where I talk about the Dr Balm from Miss Sporty and share some terrible images! (here) Since then I have recently fallen back in love with these and picked up a new darker shade!
Now on to my more lipstick/balmy shades! If I'm totally honest I've never understood the   Revlon Lip Butter hype- They feel horrible and the shade range in the UK is rubbish! Above its Tutti Frutti which will probably never suit me no matter what I do with it and Peach Parfiat which is near finishing when I hardly ever use it which I find rather odd. 
I have such a love for the Loreal Caresse lipsticks! Above is the shade Aphrodite Scarlet but I cant find my favourite shade Sweet berry anywhere!
Lastly I wrote about these two lovely lipbalms from The Body Shop yesterday so just click here to see the post!
Whats in your lip balm stash?


  1. Love to see lip balm collections like this, I always feel like I have way too many but I think a lot of people have quite a few, haha. I haven't tried an EOS balm yet but I'm keen too, lots of people have raved about them on blogs :) x

    One Little Vice

    1. I just forget about them and buy even more! I think they're alright - I want to try the UK versions now xx

  2. I have quite a few lip balms too, including some from The Body Shop and the Balance Me one - I also originally wasn't that fussed on the smell/taste but do really like it now! Want to try an EOS one xx

  3. Loved ur collection!! I do really love lip balms and im thinking about to try the EOS one.

    Thanks for sharing :)


  4. I used to use the original nivea lipbalm all the time but I haven't used it for years. I think I will pick one up for winter coming in .

    Much Love: If you fancy a nosey. xx

    1. They seem to be on offer a lot which is always a bonus :) xx

  5. cute post xx