Thursday, 18 October 2012

MUA Eyebrow kit.

I've never really been a brow person, It was only a few months ago that clear mascara became a must have in my make up bag and even that's something I refuse to pay a lot for. Having blogged for over a year now I've seen many these sorts of kits before, but the idea of paying in some cases £20+ for something I might not even like wasn't a welcomed thought. Although when MUA released this little kit for just £3.50 I had to see what all the fuss was about. 
For the small price tag you get; Two brow shades, a highlight, brow gel, tweezers, and a little brush. This also comes with a pretty big mirror built in too, Which is always a lovely bonus.
Personally I find the highlight is miles too orange for my skin tone and the darkest brown is obviously way too dark for my dark blonde eyebrows, leaving just the lighter shade and gel for me to use.(Although I'm pretty sure that I'f I really wanted to I could find something to do with these other two powders) I find the lighter shade is a really good match for my eyebrows and leaves them defined without being too obvious and the gel does a good job although I prefer using a clear mascara to lock my eyebrows into place.

Normally I dont use the brushes that come with palettes although I really like this angled one you get (I use one side for the powder the other for gel) And the tweezers arent half bad, I mean I hated them to start with because I'm used to longer ones although I really like these ones now I've got the hang of them and love the fact everything you need eyebrow wise is in this lovely little kit! 
I think this little kit is brillant for just £3.50, although currently on offer for just £3. You can get your own here.


  1. It is so good for £3.50, although I'm the same and only find the lighter shade is suitable.Rachel from x

  2. I've been wanting to try this for a long time! Like you I use clear mascara and thats about it on my brows, however when I have made the effort to define them more I've really liked the outcome. So I think this will be a must for me x

    1. Hopefully It will work for you too :) xx

  3. i really want this xx

  4. This looks GREAT. I'll be looking into this, it reminds me of Benefit's Brow-zings.