Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Look make me blush in Flush

Normally when I visit Superdrug I have a bit of a plan of what I want to get, Although that all went out the window the other week when I spotted this blusher half price! I debated for a while over what shade to pick - In the end I walked away with shade 2 ('Flush') and I'm so happy I did!

Up until recently I was pretty scared of blush, I lack many make up skills - applying blush and most other face products tends to be some of them. Although after trying my Revlon Blush I've started to feel more confident with trying these sorts of products so figured I'd give these ago since the colour range was so great.

For me, Look beauty beats most other highstreet contenders on the packaging front - It just looks so much more expensive than its £8.00 RRP. Plus it has an added mirror which I always love!

The shade it's self is a lovely peachy shade with a tone of shimmer - This worried me at first but it transfers to the skin as a lovely glowy shade, perfect for everyday use. 

You can pick this up for £8 from selected superdrug stores or online here. I think I need more shades!


  1. This is similar to my favourite blush from Milani :) xo

    1. I just looked at your post on it, You're right they are very close!
      Its such a lovely shade! xx