Thursday, 4 October 2012

Gabrini Nail Polish in M107

When my Nan went on holiday recently she was lovely enough to pick me up a few gifts including this nail polish from a brand called 'Gabrini' - I hadn't heard of them before, but from what I've found on google it seems they're an Turkish brand who have a quite a lot colours in their Summer Edition collection.

I really liked this colour, and it lasted a good few days before any chipping took place. From what I can make out from the Turkish blogs I've come across which feature this product It's pretty inexpensive too! There are many comments on the smell - Which I can understand, as Its pretty strong stuff, Although very much worth it for this lovely shade!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing a different product today opposed to the current ones doing their rounds with bloggers lately, Personally I really like hearing about the brands other places have - Even if they arent the easest to get hold of in the UK! 

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