Sunday, 7 October 2012

Free Benefit Minis with InStyle.

 Armed with just a fiver in my purse, I finally had the chance to pick up a couple of copies of Instyle this weekend. I am loving this thing they have going on with Tesco, £2.50 sounds so much cheaper than £3.80! (Plus it meant I could pick up two copies!)

I was really shocked with the number of magazines left without freebies because people had actually riped the plastic apart to steal them. Which is really unfair to those actually buying the magazine! It seems Tesco spotted this too because their magazines are now 'Security Protected'  - Which clearly is a load of bull since its just a sticker, but hopefully it might stop this happening. 
Luckily for me they still had all three Benefit goodies; Benetint, Cha Cha Tint and Sun beam. Although I only picked up Cha Cha Tint and Sun Beam as they appear the most popular online and I was worried if I left one of them until next time I wouldn't get the chance to try them but I will be going back at some point next week for benetint

(Please ignore my nails, I had glitter on over the weekend although being me it was picked off by the end of last night!)

So far I'm loving both products!  I have nothing like these in my stash so It's been fun playing around with these this morning, I was worried that Sunbeam wouldnt work on me because I am so pale, but as a highlight I think it works great and I cant wait to incorporate it into my make up routine next week. I also love the look of Cha Cha tint on my lips (it doesnt look as orange as I was expecting) Although I will probably post full reviews at some point next week. 
There's also a voucher inside so that you can grab a free BADgal lash mascara when you bring the page to any participating Benefit Beauty Bar. Which is great value for money, although I wont be bothering since I already have a sample size in my make up draw. In case anyones wondering about sizes/price, These sample size's are 4ml each which works out just under a third of the full size products. 

Have you guys picked your copy up yet?!


  1. I had no idea there were any Benefit freebies this month, I've wanted to try the Cha Cha tint for quite some time! Definitely picking this up :) xx

    1. I hope you manage to get a copy :) xx

  2. Sigh, so jealous that magazines come with samples! No such luck over here in the US... Found you through the #bbloggers hop! xx, ahhhdri

    1. We are rather lucky like that ;)
      On the plus side its dead cheap over there :) xx