Friday, 5 October 2012


I always have what seems like a hundred lip balms on the go, but as the weather gets cooler there's only one lip balm for me. Normally I go for the tube, but thought I'd try the classic one in pot form  since it was half price the other week. I find Carmex is the best for me when it comes to adding moisturise, I also find it lovely and cooling on the lips.
I do quite like the idea of the pot form of Carmex although I found that it was quite small and sometimes hard to get the product out. That in mind I still think it's a fantastic product considering the price point and will be buying again.
You can buy Carmex products from a host of stores including Superdrug (here)
Whats your favourite lip balm? 


  1. I liked Carmex initially last A/W but it just stopped working for me :/ Now my fave, at the moment at least, is Burts Bee's but I have loads to use up!

    1. Oh No! I hope that doesnt happen to me! I really want to try Burts Bees, I just have way too many lip balms xx