Sunday, 14 October 2012

Benefit's Sunbeam

I'm not the best at getting around to using magazine freebies, no matter how excited I am to try the product out! Take the 'That girl' primer I brought back in May for example, which I've only started using in the last week or even the POREfessional still in its box having been used just a couple of times despite really liking the product.

This time around I wanted to test the products out before they were no longer available so I could share my thoughts on the them with you guys in case you're thinking of trying the products yourselves (And so I can stock up if I happen to love a product) 
Like so many others, I rushed out to pick up this months copy of Instyle magazine after hearing about the amazing Benefit freebies they had to offer. Originally I wanted everything but 'Sunbeam' - I'm really pale and just didn't think this product was for me until I did some more research and concluded that I needed it in my life!

The first thing I noticed about the two products I walked away with was the brush - I've tried a few drugstore alternatives to these sorts of tints/highlighting products and let me tell you that gloopy mess of a brush they sell you which resembles a dried up nail polish is nothing compared to the control of the real thing!  (I just hope the full size is the same, although I'm pretty sure it is)
I love the glow this gives to my skin so much so that I'm thinking of buying the full size, which I never thought I'd see myself say when I picked this up last week! I'm aware I'm rubbish at taking facey shots but I wanted to show you how this works, but hopefully you can see the 'glow' in the right image. My advise would be don't be put off by the colour like I was.
Sunbeam retails for £18.50 for 13ml of product although you can still pick up your 4ml samples in Instyle magazine (£3.80 - Although currently just £2.50 in Tesco!)


  1. that give you the most pretty glow xx

  2. Nice!! Have you tried it on you tried it on your lips? x