Sunday, 28 October 2012

Batiste Dry Shampoo

When I was in my early teens I couldn't live without a bottle of dry shampoo, my hair has always been a nightmare to maintain so it was a complete life saver. Although as I got older it just stopped working for me, and for the past few years I've relied on just washing my hair every night - Which as you probably know isn't the healthiest thing you could do for it.
I've never spotted a blonde dry shampoo before, So when I saw this in Superdrug it went straight in my basket! My hair changes shade depending on the season, It's a lot darker now so I was a little worried this wouldn't work. This sprayed out yellow which really surprised me although I found it blended in really well with my hair colour and actually worked! After spraying this in my hair I left it in my hair for a while before brushing it out and found my hair was grease/powder free, along with having more volume! 
For just £2.50 I cant recommend these coloured versions enough! You can find this at Boots here.


  1. Love Batiste dry shampoo. Im using the cheery one at the minuet xx

  2. I love Batiste, never tried the colour version though xoxoxo