Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October Favourites.

Happy Halloween Guys! I think this is my most mismatched favourites yet, I'm still in love with the same old skin and make up products so I haven't really tried much out this month. Although the favourites I have picked this month are all ones that I really really have been loving!

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Light & Blonde (£2.50)

I wont go into my relationship with my hair fully because I touched on it in my dry shampoo post, but basically dry shampoo just didn't work for me which lead to me washing my hair every night. Which clearly isn't great for it. I'm so happy I discovered this, because it's meant that I can go every other day now which saves me so much time in having to dry/style my hair every morning!

Elf Daily Brush Cleanser (£3.75)

Let me start off with my disappointment with ELF, I couldn't have paid more than 3.50 for this product which is a 250ml bottle, yet this stuff is now listed on their website as £3.75 for 60ml?! I think this is a great product I love using it to quickly clean my brushes plus I've had it forever and I still have 75% left. I was going to by a back up but I honestly don't understand how you can make something over four times smaller and more expensive. 

Miss Sporty Metal Flip (£1.99)

This caught my eye when I was in Superdrug the other day, I've been wearing it since and plan to post a full review soon because it's lovely!

17 Holo Polish (£3.99)

I'm loving these sort of effect polishes this month! I love this on my nails and think It will be wonderful to wear in those Christmas months! 

Rimmel Kate matte Lipstick in 101 (£5.49)

This is just my perfect lipstick and something I am so happy that I finally gave in and picked up! Its great for anyone that loves a nude lip and is looking for something a little bit more, But they say a picture is worth thousand words so be sure to click the link and check out the full review! 

Natural Collection Green Corrector stick (£1.99)

When I first posted about this I hadnt had the chance to use it much, and got a lot of comments about how it works and to report back once I'd given it a real go. The idea behind this is that the The green 'neutralises' the red - Meaning when you apply it under foundation any redness you have will be covered better than if you just used foundation alone. I really liked this, it worked wonders when covering any redness on my skin and is well worth a try for £1.99.

Sunbeam Mini free with Instyle

I cant believe how much I have fallen for this product and am actually considering buying the full size once I've finished this up!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

October Empties.

It's crazy to think that in just two empties posts time, the madness of Christmas will be over! After posting my last Empties post I seemed to run out of everything, Meaning I have quite a few empties this month (especially on the hair front!) 

Kleenex Facial Cloths (£1.99)

When I'm not using a hot cloth cleanser I love to use these kleenex facial cloths with a cleansing water - They're great quality and get the job done without falling apart like some of these types of products.

Quick and easy 4-in-1 facial wipes (£1.00)

I picked these up for just a pound in Savers which I thought was a great deal considering they had a plastic lid which I love! I cant say I used them too much on my face - Mainly for wiping make up away from my arms after swatching for blog posts.

Witch Skin Clearing Primer (£6.99)

I'm currently on my third bottle of this stuff, I love it and could be without it. Its an amazing base for make up and keeps break outs at bay.

Chit Chat Highlighting Concealer (£1.00)

I'm currently on my second Chit Chat concealer stick, This does a wonderful job for just a single pound!

Dove Shampoo's and Conditioner's (£2.49)

In my defence most of these were less than half full when the month started! I wont even go on to my love for Dove hair care because I'm sure you're all bored of it - But I will say their nourishing oil range is the best!

Aussie Take The Heat three minute miracle (£4.99)

This leave my hair feeling great and smells amazing! Although I think It's a little over priced for what it is, I may have to pick it up again if its on offer though.

Pantene Smooth and Sleek Range (£4.69)

I finally got around to using some of my samples! I didn't think much of the shampoo but the two minute mask left my hair feeling wonderful - I think I'll buy again when I get the chance.

Loreal EverPure Shampoo and Conditioner (£5.99)

I really liked this, although its a bit too much for something I go through so quickly - Maybe I'll make a mad dash to Boots if it's ever on offer.

E45 Endless Moisture Daily Care (£0.99)

Picked up a few of these on offer, I have a feeling they were changing the packaging although I cant find much about that online, It was a good moisturiser that didn't irrtate my skin.

Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil (£9.49)

I've gotten into using oils lately, because in the winter especially I suffer from dry skin. I tend to just go for whatever is on offer although I've discovered rescue oil since picking this up which I've pretty much stuck too.

Rescue Oil (£3.49)

I love this stuff, Its so much cheaper than other highstreet brands and leaves my skin feeling great!

I love Strawberries & Milkshake exfoliating shower smoothie (£2.05)

This stuff smells amazing! But as a scrub it's not the best..I think I'll by the shower gel though because I loved the smell so much!

Charlie Red body spary (£1.70)

I'm not a huge body spray wearer, and this was just sitting my draw annoyingly until the point I had to use it up - It smells alright although its not my usual thing.

I love this with just a couple of pumps on wet hair this product leaves my hair smooth, soft and manageable. Its a must have in my hair routine!

This stuff smells amazing and does such a great job,this is my second one of these mini's and plan to buy a full sized soap & Glory Scrub when I get the chance because I think its wonderful.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

I've never been too bothered about using a powder, I've always had normal skin without oil so I've always thought what's the point?  It's just another unnecessary step in my make up bag. Although since entering the blogging world I've discovered other benefits a powder can bring such as allowing your make up to last longer.
The two for £10 deal across Maybelline make up at Superdrug seemed like the perfect chance to pick up a powder and save myself a little bit of money along the way. Of course I went for 'Rose Nude' the palest shade they have to offer which is the perfect shade for my skin!
I don't like looking like I'm wearing loads of make up so the thing I love most about this is the fact that this powder pretty much makes no difference to the way I look - The only change is how long my make up now lasts! I also love the design of this compact which is compete with a mirror and applicator which I feel is a lovely touch! 
At £7.19 I feel like this powder is worth every penny! You can pick it up at Boots here. 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Batiste Dry Shampoo

When I was in my early teens I couldn't live without a bottle of dry shampoo, my hair has always been a nightmare to maintain so it was a complete life saver. Although as I got older it just stopped working for me, and for the past few years I've relied on just washing my hair every night - Which as you probably know isn't the healthiest thing you could do for it.
I've never spotted a blonde dry shampoo before, So when I saw this in Superdrug it went straight in my basket! My hair changes shade depending on the season, It's a lot darker now so I was a little worried this wouldn't work. This sprayed out yellow which really surprised me although I found it blended in really well with my hair colour and actually worked! After spraying this in my hair I left it in my hair for a while before brushing it out and found my hair was grease/powder free, along with having more volume! 
For just £2.50 I cant recommend these coloured versions enough! You can find this at Boots here.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 101

I wasn't going to buy this lipstick.. I swear! I have a whole draw full of unloved lipsticks, which doesn't need anymore. Although when I saw this for around £3.98 in Savers I had to have it! Luckily This was the last one in the shade 101 which I have been lusting the most over - I think I still need 113 in my life.
 This is my first lipstick from Rimmel and I have been left very impressed! The first thing I noticed when I opened this was the lovely sweet smell it gives off unlike the many unscented boring ones which remain in the draw. I'm a nudey kind of girl and I think this is perfect who want to try something a little brighter without it being too much. 
I am so In love with this colour and I am so so happy I picked it up! It feels comfortable on the lips and wears for a good amount of time too. Since buying I've worn it pretty much everyday, and received a bunch of compliments from my friends who seem to love this shade too! 
I am so impressed by this lipstick and cant wait to try more from the Kate Moss range, I'm not sure if you can still pick it up cheaper in Savers but you can still find in Boots and Superdrug stores for £5.49 - Its worth every penny!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

My lip balm collection.

After receiving a quite few positive comments on my blush collection post I figured I'd show you guys another one of my collections today in the form of my lip collection. Although this collection is something that I've had to divide up because I have way to many lip products than is humanly possible to use up! Today I give you my lip balm collection - And as you can clearly see, lip balm is a love of mine.
Above are my potted balms, although I forgot about my beloved Carmex! My guess is I was probably using it at the time, In case you didnt know I think it's great and one of my top lip balms.
My EOS lip balm isn't really a pot, but it looked like It belonged with the others so here it is, you can see a review here from when I was in love with it - Although now I'm more on the fence and feel like the £4 something I paid for it could be better spent! 
Let me refer you to the first post I really put the effort into image wise in my earlier blogging days here .I picked up the kisses range which features there half price in the Boots sale - I still LOVE the toffee ones smell! 
Lastly I think its an unwritten rule that everyone with a balm collection like mine has at least one tub of Vaseline - Although I cant say I ever use it (or are strong enough to open it!)
Despite hating the smell and taste of the Balance me lip balm I actually have fallen in love with it and keep it in my bags at pretty much all times - I'm nearly finished it!
At first I hated these Nivea lip balms, I hated the smell of Milk & Honey and the texture of pearly shine, although lately I've been loving this pair and think that Nivea make some of the best high street lip balms around!
Let me again refer you to one of my earlier posts where I talk about the Dr Balm from Miss Sporty and share some terrible images! (here) Since then I have recently fallen back in love with these and picked up a new darker shade!
Now on to my more lipstick/balmy shades! If I'm totally honest I've never understood the   Revlon Lip Butter hype- They feel horrible and the shade range in the UK is rubbish! Above its Tutti Frutti which will probably never suit me no matter what I do with it and Peach Parfiat which is near finishing when I hardly ever use it which I find rather odd. 
I have such a love for the Loreal Caresse lipsticks! Above is the shade Aphrodite Scarlet but I cant find my favourite shade Sweet berry anywhere!
Lastly I wrote about these two lovely lipbalms from The Body Shop yesterday so just click here to see the post!
Whats in your lip balm stash?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Body Shop Born Lippy in Raspberry and Watermelon

 I'm sure many of you are reaching for these types of products more and more as the weather gets even colder. While I'm such a fan of those more intensive lip treatments  products such as Carmex in winter months, I love to have something that's a bit more fun in my handbag! At just £2 a pop, the Born Lippy range from The Body Shop is perfect for me! It has a total of six different flavours in the range to collect. I currently own two (Raspberry and watermelon) although I can see myself picking up more.
Born Lippy in watermelon transfers to the lips as a clear shade,I adore the watermelony scent/taste it gives off making it a complete winner in my book despite having no colour to it. I also love the smell of the raspberry one even if it doesn't seem quite as 'natural' as the watermelon scent, with that in mind I love the shade it leaves on my lips and think both balms leave my lips feeling great!
For me both of these scents have their strengths and weakness -But I truly adore both of them and think they would make a lovely addition to anyone's handbag.

 For just £2 these are worth a try next time you're visiting your local Body Shop store.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser for Normal / Dry Skin

'The first step to beautiful skin is effective cleansing. Specially formulated to effectively clear away dirt and impurities, No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser leaves dry complexions feeling as soft and supple as normal skin'
I picked this Cleanser up last May, when I had a £5 off No7 voucher because I really liked the sound of it. Although up until last month I'd never really given it a chance and it went straight  to the back of my skincare draw. For some reason I started to use this daily and haven't put it down since. 
You just massage this Cleanser into damp skin and then wash away with water, just like you would with a normal face wash. I have to agree with every word of what No7 claim! I find that it leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and smooth and is perfect for removing every trace of make up!
You  can pick this up from selected Boots stores or online for just £9.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

My blush collection.

Over the past few months I've started to really love using a blusher, So much so that's it's become a must have in my make up bag! I do own a few more, but figured what would be the point in showing you guys others that I simply don't use? So here are my favourite four that rotate in and out of my make up bag.

Look Beauty Make Me Blush in Flush (£8.00)

This is probably my favourite blush of the lot! I've been reaching for this loads since I first picked it up - I think its a total steal at just £8 because I know it's going to last for a long long time!

Vivo Peaches and Cream (£4.00)

This is the blush that kicked off this little collection - It's a lovely colour! It actually looks pretty close to the Look one  in the below picture. Which I've never noticed before - Must be why I love them both so much! Although I will say the Look one if more of a orangey colour when compared to the Vivo one.
(Vivo baked blush Peaches & Cream, Look Beauty Make me blush in Flush, Revlon Colorstay in Petal and MUA cream blush in Blossom)

Revlon Colorstay blush in Petal (Around £3.99 on Ebay)

I really hope these blushes get brought to the UK because I love this one! Its probably the lightest blush in my collection and great for when you want to give your cheeks a flush of colour, Its a real must have for those 'no make up' days.

MUA Cream Blush in Blossom (£2.00)

Don't ask me why I only ever seem to use this at one end, because I honestly have no idea! For £2 this little cream blush is great and something I think everyone should try even if they are scared of blush because the price is amazing!

I hope you guys enjoyed this make up collectiony post, If you did please let me know if you want to see more! And remember if you want to know more about these blushes just click on their heading and it will take you to a post I did on each product.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

MUA Eyebrow kit.

I've never really been a brow person, It was only a few months ago that clear mascara became a must have in my make up bag and even that's something I refuse to pay a lot for. Having blogged for over a year now I've seen many these sorts of kits before, but the idea of paying in some cases £20+ for something I might not even like wasn't a welcomed thought. Although when MUA released this little kit for just £3.50 I had to see what all the fuss was about. 
For the small price tag you get; Two brow shades, a highlight, brow gel, tweezers, and a little brush. This also comes with a pretty big mirror built in too, Which is always a lovely bonus.
Personally I find the highlight is miles too orange for my skin tone and the darkest brown is obviously way too dark for my dark blonde eyebrows, leaving just the lighter shade and gel for me to use.(Although I'm pretty sure that I'f I really wanted to I could find something to do with these other two powders) I find the lighter shade is a really good match for my eyebrows and leaves them defined without being too obvious and the gel does a good job although I prefer using a clear mascara to lock my eyebrows into place.

Normally I dont use the brushes that come with palettes although I really like this angled one you get (I use one side for the powder the other for gel) And the tweezers arent half bad, I mean I hated them to start with because I'm used to longer ones although I really like these ones now I've got the hang of them and love the fact everything you need eyebrow wise is in this lovely little kit! 
I think this little kit is brillant for just £3.50, although currently on offer for just £3. You can get your own here.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Benefit's Cha Cha Tint

Although I've tried a few dupes for these lip and cheek tint products, I've never actually tried one of benefit's own - So when I saw that this was up for grabs in the latest issue of Instyle magazine along with a couple of other options I jumped at the chance to try this along with 'Sunbeam'
I mentioned in my Sunbeam post that I've tried a few drugstore alternatives to these sorts of tints/highlighting products and  that gloopy mess of a brush they sell you which resembles a dried up nail polish is nothing compared to the control of the real thing! I just love it and think all of these types of products should give you such control.
I didn't know if I was going to like this, For a start its well..bright and normally I like to stick to my peachy shades of blusher. But I did end up really liking this on my cheeks - It is really pigmented so my biggest tip is to blend, Just don't leave it too long before blending either as it starts to leave a stain on the area! Another thing I really like about this is it's a multi-purpose product and I just love this shade on my lips too!

Not bad for just a £2.50 spend! I predict this will last me a long long time, as you only ever need a tiny bit.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Top Five Autumn Lipstick Picks!

I've seen a few similar posts to this, So I figured I'd show you guy my favourite 'Autumn' lipsticks. Although to be honest I'm guilty of sticking to nude shades pretty much all year round!
(Kate Moss for Rimmel 101, Look Beauty Toffee Cup, Loreal Caresse 103 sweet berry, Revlon Lip butter peach parfait & MUA shade 3)

Since buying my first Kate Moss lipstick over the weekend I have been obsessed and have worn it everyday since! I haven't actually gotten around to posting about it yet so expect a full review soon! I love the look beauty range so had to include my favourite lipstick from them which I posted about here. I've never noticed how close in shade sweet berry and peach parfait are (if ignore the glitter in peach parfait which I have a love/hate relationship with). Sweet Berry from Loreal is probally my most worn lip colour this year so had to be include it along with probably one of my only Autumny shades, shade 3 from MUA

(From the Bottom: Kate Moss for Rimmel 101, Look Beauty Toffee Cup, Loreal Caresse 103 sweet berry, Revlon Lip butter peach parfait & MUA shade 3)

Do you own any of these shades? What's your most worn Autumn lip shade?

Monday, 15 October 2012

17 Holo Nail Polish in Sliver

 Over the past couple of weeks I've seen 17's latest offering pop up on my dashboard quite a few times, and I can see why - Its gorgeous!
 Above is this pretty polish after just two coats in natural light, I found it to be quick drying and it hasn't chipped as of yet (I painted them yesterday morning) which isn't bad for me, considering I have to top most polishes up after just a day of wear!
I had to share an image with the flash to as it gives you this polishes full effect, Not bad for just £3.99!
You can pick this up in selected boots stores or online over at their website.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Benefit's Sunbeam

I'm not the best at getting around to using magazine freebies, no matter how excited I am to try the product out! Take the 'That girl' primer I brought back in May for example, which I've only started using in the last week or even the POREfessional still in its box having been used just a couple of times despite really liking the product.

This time around I wanted to test the products out before they were no longer available so I could share my thoughts on the them with you guys in case you're thinking of trying the products yourselves (And so I can stock up if I happen to love a product) 
Like so many others, I rushed out to pick up this months copy of Instyle magazine after hearing about the amazing Benefit freebies they had to offer. Originally I wanted everything but 'Sunbeam' - I'm really pale and just didn't think this product was for me until I did some more research and concluded that I needed it in my life!

The first thing I noticed about the two products I walked away with was the brush - I've tried a few drugstore alternatives to these sorts of tints/highlighting products and let me tell you that gloopy mess of a brush they sell you which resembles a dried up nail polish is nothing compared to the control of the real thing!  (I just hope the full size is the same, although I'm pretty sure it is)
I love the glow this gives to my skin so much so that I'm thinking of buying the full size, which I never thought I'd see myself say when I picked this up last week! I'm aware I'm rubbish at taking facey shots but I wanted to show you how this works, but hopefully you can see the 'glow' in the right image. My advise would be don't be put off by the colour like I was.
Sunbeam retails for £18.50 for 13ml of product although you can still pick up your 4ml samples in Instyle magazine (£3.80 - Although currently just £2.50 in Tesco!)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Friday treats..

Lately it seems like everyone I know is turning eighteen, and the amount of birthday parties are endless. Don't get me wrong I love spending time with the girls - But money's become really tight because of this. I was down to my last £5 when my friend called last night and asked me to go into town with her after lessons, needless to say I wasn't expecting to get anything - But instead I walked away with these two babies and a couple of quid to spare on icecream! 
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these shoes for £3 (originally £15.99) in the New Look sale,  even more surprisingly - They were in my size! I quickly snapped them up and took them to the till expecting the sticker to be a mistake, although it wasn't and I walked away a very happy girl! (I love new look shoes, this is my fourth pair. I find they're pretty cheap and last a good while!) I also remembered I had around 400 points on my Boots Advantage Card so quickly snapped up the new 17  'Halo' polish everyone seems so mad about - I cant wait to try it and give you guys a NOTD post!

A very successful shopping trip I'd say after a very stressful week at college (So many deadlines lately, I spent most of last weekend writing a 16 page answer!) I hope you guys are well and your night is going as lovely as mine - I'm currently watching vampire diaries and eating a stupid amount of Nutella! Ian Somerhalder and chocolate - What more could a girl want?!