Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Why do I wear make up?

I'm really jumping on the tag bandwagon this month, but I really wanted to do this one after seeing this video from the lovely Louise and Sammi  where both girls spoke about why they choose to wear make up - If you havent already seen it be sure to click the link because it is an interesting topic! Yes before anyone asks the above image is me showcasing my amazing art skillz (I'll have you all know I got an A in GCSE art, haha) It's a result of me having way too much time and make up on my hands! 

I began wearing make up when I was really young (Around 11ish) - I've always had older friends so It just seemed normal to me, Although by the time I hit 13 I had fell out of that stage and would happy turn up to school with a bare face - I think part of that was a 'fear' thing, Like at  most schools It was against the rules to wear make up at mine and the idea of being handed a baby wipe and forced to strip your face in lesson was enough to put me off. When I reached my final year I would apply a little mascara in the morning, but I've always hated foundations - I think a lot of that is because I've always been so pale. Besides I never needed it, I had really good skin the whole way through school.  I think it was in the build up to prom that I really got back into make up - I really wanted something other than my everyday look, and that was the time I discovered Gel Eye liners, False Lash Effect Mascaras and a whole host of new products. It was in the summer after prom that I started up this blog after my obsession grew.

I wouldn't say that I feel insecure without wearing make up - Yes, on a bad skin day I do feel a lot better with a coat of concealer, but I will happily pop out without bare faced if I need to (or if I'm running really late!). I do like a lot of things about make up, for one it enabled me to meet so many bbloggers who like the same things I do. But in the literal sense I love that you can do so much with make up, you can play it up or down depending on your mood and have a tone of fun experimenting! 

It was interesting thinking about why I personally wear make up, Please feel free to tell me about your own experiences with make up below or direct me to your own tag post! 


  1. I'll always wear foundation and concealer now, as my two insecurities are spots and dark circles! I'll happily go out wearing nothing else though, I often don't bother with mascara for work xx

    1. I think I'm the opposite, I'm okay with my skin most of the time - So I'd rather wear mascara! x