Monday, 3 September 2012

New Look Sale Jewellery

When I was younger it was rare that I was without a single piece of jewellery - I had a thing for long necklaces and a million and one bracelets, Although as I've gotten older I seem to have ditched the obsession altogether. So when I saw the sale stand in New Look I had to have a look and even walked away with a few bits!

 This mix of bracelets and bangles was reduced to just £2 from £5.99! It was the Rose bracelet which sold me, I thought It was lovely and worth the £2 alone. Although the pearls aren't really my cup of tea, I still see myself getting use from all the others - Which look lovely together!

This lovely flower themed cuff was reduced from £6.99 to just £3 - I think there's actually a part missing in the middle although I really like it the way it is and see myself wearing it lots in the near future. 

I haven't shopped in new look in a while and was left really impressed, especially with their flats (I even went back and brought them in another colour!)  


  1. there's some really nice finds