Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Jergens Naturals Ultra Hydrating

When I saw a bunch of these in the clearance section of my local Superdrug for just £1.49 each I knew I had to pick one up. They had a load of different types for sale (I'm guessing Jergens are having a rebrand) but I figured the 'Ultra Hydrating' one for extra dry skin would be the most moisturising of the lot. 

I'm on the fence with this product, While it smells lovely and like one of my favourite soap and glory products - I feel the actual price is far too much when I have much cheaper ones which do the same job if not better. I don't really have dry skin - Yet this was for 'Extra dry skin' and I only found it average on mine.

For the price I paid I would happily buy this again to use as a daily moisturiser - Although I dont feel like the effects are long lasting at all. What do you guys make of Jergens products?


  1. I used to like the Acai one I think it was- was pretty standard but smelt nice!

    1. That sounds nice! May have to try it :) xx

  2. nice!

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  3. The range has got really great reviews, it is more the body products I see it for.

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