Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Favourites

I've been thinking about my favourites all month, and to be honest there weren't many stand out products for me until the past week or so. A couple of these are even old favourites I've found myself reaching for this month. I haven't reviewed many of these products yet, So expect full posts soon - Although feel free to let me know what ones you want to see first!

Good Things Face The Day Moisturiser (£7.99)

One of my close friends (who would make an amazing bblogger if  only she knew what one was) is always trying to make me try the Good Things Range. This was only £3.99 the other week so I figured I'd give it a go. The scent probably isn't for everyone - But I love it! And I think £7.99 for a 100ml product isn't half bad. 

Etat Pur Micellar Cleansing water (£7.40)

I love using this when I'm too lazy to bother with my full cleansing routine - It does a great job and doesn't irritate my skin in anyway. I would happily pay £7.40 again for this because it lasts forever!

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask (£1.50 for 3)

I love how this left my skin, I cant wait to buy myself the 75ml tube of it!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (£7.99)

I picked this up ages ago because I needed a 3rd item in the 3 for 2 at Boots. I didn't expect to love it so much! I own so many BB creams, but this is the one I always reach for. Sadly I'm coming to the end of this tube, but I'll be buying another!

MUA Professional Eye Primer (£2.50)

I own a lot of eyeshadows - But lately they've been creasing and I've been put of wearing them until I picked this baby up the other night. To be able to wear eyeshadow again without the creases is amazing - Expect a full post soon!

Look Beauty Make Me Blush in Flush (£8.00)

I picked this up half price in Superdrug this month, although It hasn't been until the past week or so that I actually started wearing it. I can be scared of blushers but this one gives me a subtle glow around my cheek area - I'm so happy I picked it up.

What products have you been loving this month?

Saturday, 29 September 2012

September Empties.

Considering I wasn't making much of an effort to use up any products this month - I managed to finish of quite a few. I think that's mainly because I've been playing it safe with my hair and skincare - Sticking with the same old products I have much faith in. 

Possibility Raspberry Pavlova (£1.00)

A while ago now I discovered Saver's amazing prices - And somehow managed to spend a small fortune in such a cheap store! This was near the till and looked promising so I picked it up. I like sweet smells but this was just too much for me, for just a £1 it was a good product - I just couldn't wait to finish it off personally.

I really loved the smell of this one, and for just £2 you cant really go wrong . I think the Natural collection are a lovely little range and I cant wait to try more scents! 

This stuff smells amazing and does such a great job, I have another one of these mini's but plan to buy a full sized soap & Glory Scrub once I'm finished with it.

Rescue Oil (£3.49)

I have tried so so many oils at a range of prices and I find this multi use product does the same price as many of the bigger brands at a lower price - I'm already on a second bottle and will continue to buy this one. Above is a link to the site which shows you where you can buy if you're interested (Mine was from Savers)

Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion (£7.00)

I really loved this product and am gutted I finished it! I'm not sure if you can still pick these up in the UK but I bloody hope you can, I need to stock up!

Clearasil Ulra Overnight Serum (£1.00)

I felt like this serum was too much for my face so I wont be rushing out to get another one, I mean just £1 is good value but I didn't feel as if it lasted that long! 

Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner - £2.80 each

I really liked these products! I just feel like its so much easier to pick up my Dove shampoo and conditioner whenever I'm in a local shop rather than bothering with ordering it.

Dove Nourishing Oil Conditioner (£2.65)

This has been in every single empties post I have ever done, I just love this product so much! Plus if you're lucky you can pick these up in your local poundland!

Dove Daily Care Conditioner (£2.65)

They were out of my oil care conditioner so I picked this one up, It did a good job but I wont be converting to it any time soon.

Dove heat defence mist (£3.58)

I really liked this as a heat protector and will be buying again when I finally use the one I'm using now up - Plus its currently half price at Tesco!

Aussie Take The Heat (£3.99)

This smelt nice. That's about all it had to it, It sprayed directly which meant it was hard to cover all your hair with without using a whole bottle. 

What products have you finished this month?

Friday, 28 September 2012

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Mask

The other week I spotted a tweet from Amie skincare offering the first 50 people to respond a skincare sample to try - I automatically jumped at the chance of testing a new brand was lucky enough to get this in the post last weekend. Since then I'd been miles to busy to test it out for myself - Although last night I was in need of a bit of a pamper so grabbed this.

I actually really enjoyed this mask despite not getting on all that well with clay masks. The first thing I noticed was the smell, It was strong but I really liked it. (a mix of Lime, Mint and Citrus that really reminded me of something - I just cant work out what.) Normally I find Clay masks are uncomfortable to wear but I barely noticed this one. Like all clay masks this was a bit of a pain to get off my face, I ended up reaching for my muslin cloth with did a great job at getting the excess off.

The thing I loved most about this was the way my skin was left after, It felt so smooth and clean that I know I'll be picking the 75ml tube up! This is hands down one of the best masks I have ever tried - I cant wait to try out more Amie products!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Things I've brought...

I mentioned the other day that since beginning the new academic year at college I haven't tried many new products, which lead to a recent lack of posts. Although after this I'm hoping everything should get back to normal as I have lots of new goodies to try! This week I've been helping my best friend redecorate her Grandad's house while he's away on holiday - As you can imagine its been a complete nightmare, between the pair of us we knew nothing about painting - Now I feel just about ready to open my own DIY store! (Not that I ever want to see another paintbrush again!) I finally got the chance to head into town today excited for the new MUA products - And of course in true Superdrug fashion they didn't have most of them although I picked up these bits instead;

I managed to finally find the MUA brow kit I've been searching for weeks for only £3 (Normal price £3.50), I also spotted a new cream blush that I had my eye on in Blossom, along with the Eyeshadow Primer I've been meaning to try for ages! So expect to see posts soon on all of those products really soon. I'm a Carmex lover yet I haven't replaced my tube since I run out ages ago! I figured there's no time like the present (what with it being half price and all). I needed a new moisturiser and this one from Good Things was just too pretty to leave on the shelf! Along with the Blackhead exfoliator I've heard great things about.

What have you guys been buying lately?

Monday, 24 September 2012

Chit Chat Highlighting Concealer

If you would have told me last year that I would one day enjoy using poundlands own brand of make up I probably would have laughed at you. But over a year of blogging and trying all sorts of products has taught me never to underestimate a product based on the price tag.  

I've had my eye on a few highlighting concealers for a while so when I saw this for just a pound I figured I'd give it a go. A far as I can tell this comes in just one pinky toned shade and like many of these types of product you just twist the bottom to get more concealer on the brush.

I love using this product to bring some light to my face - I don't have dark circles so I cant comment on how it works in that sense but it does the job for me, so much so that I'm on my second one (And very worried about that 'limited edition' sticker - May have to stock up!)

This is a wonderful product if you're looking to add a bit of light to your face at an amazing price. For just a single pound you can find these from selected Poundlands - its worth a try! 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Boots Christmas Wishlist

I am very aware that its only September - But when I saw the Christmas tab on the boots website I wanted to scream! I find that they are always amazing for gifts, and have a great 50% off sale afterwords. Here are the items that stood out the most to me:

1. Boots Extracts Body Butter Collection (£10.00)

I'm a little bit of a body butter additct, so the idea for trying five different types out for just £10 is great! The set contains a Cocoa, Mango, Brazil Nut, Coconut  and Honey Body Butter which are all a wonderful 50ml each (You get 250ml in total which works out miles cheaper than the body shop!)

2.No7 Bronzing Gift (£16.00)

I really like the range in this one, and £16 for three products isnt bloody bad - although this is one I'll probably wait until boxing day to pick up (Lets face it £8 sounds even better!)

3.Soap & Glory The Best Of All (£60.00)

I'm always dead excited to see what Soap and Glory have put in their biggest gift - Which is made even more amazing by the fact it tends to go down to £30.00 at some point before the big day. This is something that will be at the top of my Christmas list and I cant wait to try!

4.17 All About Nude Eye Colour Collection (£16.00)

I thought this was a little pricey for 17, but all the colours are so pretty I had to include it here - I cant wait to get my hands on it and try it out for myself!

5.Lee Stafford Argan Oil Hair Trio (£25.00)

Argan oil is pretty much everywhere now and I was so pleased to spot this set! Along with so many of these lovely products, I really hope Santa brings me my own ;)

6.No7 The Essential Accessory Case (£35.00)

I just thought this was so pretty and anything with brushes gets my vote! I do feel like £35 is a little much - although saying that I'll be looking out for it in the sales!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Recent Rediscoveries...

Over the past couple of weeks I cant say too much as changed in my beauty routine - Which sadly has resulting in me posting less because I haven't had the chance to try any new products that I've had strong feelings towards and I would hate to post half heartedly about anything! Although saying that expect an MUA overload when their latest products are finally released next week

Not trying many new products had caused me reaching for some old ones, And although I did do a 'Shopping my stash post' (Which I completely failed at). These are some of the oldies I've been reaching for this week.

Look Flawless Fix BB Cream (£10.00)

This was in last weeks 'Shopping my stash post' - So I'm happy I managed to stick with one of the items listed! Its just a great BB cream perfect for days when I want more coverage than my Maybelline one can offer me (It's the bottom one on my arm if you're wondering - And currently just £5 in Superdrug!)

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (£7.19)

Like the other two I did swatch this - Its just harder to see because its very close to my skin colour. I really like using this (although I haven't gotten around to posting about it yet) It doesn't make a massive difference to the look of my face which I personally like because I feel like it would be great for keeping oily skin at bay  in a subtle way. 

Hydration Cream (£29.00/50ml)

I love this product so much, The price just kills me! I have this 20ml sample to finish that I got with an issue of Glamour magazine along with a 15ml one from a latest in beauty box. But I think it will take me a long time to use the pair up - I've had this one for months!

Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait (£7.99)

I have really mixed feelings about these, so along with my other one this was thrown to the back of my lip draw. Although while looking for something to wear other than the look lipstick I am currently attached to the other night, I suddenly reached for this and have enjoyed it ever since.

MUA Extreme felt eyeliner (£2.00)

I thought this would dry out quickly because how cheap it is, although after four months It's still going strong! 

I really enjoyed rediscovering these products this week, It saved me a hell of a lot too! Have you guys rediscovered anything in your stash lately?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Jergens Naturals Ultra Hydrating

When I saw a bunch of these in the clearance section of my local Superdrug for just £1.49 each I knew I had to pick one up. They had a load of different types for sale (I'm guessing Jergens are having a rebrand) but I figured the 'Ultra Hydrating' one for extra dry skin would be the most moisturising of the lot. 

I'm on the fence with this product, While it smells lovely and like one of my favourite soap and glory products - I feel the actual price is far too much when I have much cheaper ones which do the same job if not better. I don't really have dry skin - Yet this was for 'Extra dry skin' and I only found it average on mine.

For the price I paid I would happily buy this again to use as a daily moisturiser - Although I dont feel like the effects are long lasting at all. What do you guys make of Jergens products?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Why do I wear make up?

I'm really jumping on the tag bandwagon this month, but I really wanted to do this one after seeing this video from the lovely Louise and Sammi  where both girls spoke about why they choose to wear make up - If you havent already seen it be sure to click the link because it is an interesting topic! Yes before anyone asks the above image is me showcasing my amazing art skillz (I'll have you all know I got an A in GCSE art, haha) It's a result of me having way too much time and make up on my hands! 

I began wearing make up when I was really young (Around 11ish) - I've always had older friends so It just seemed normal to me, Although by the time I hit 13 I had fell out of that stage and would happy turn up to school with a bare face - I think part of that was a 'fear' thing, Like at  most schools It was against the rules to wear make up at mine and the idea of being handed a baby wipe and forced to strip your face in lesson was enough to put me off. When I reached my final year I would apply a little mascara in the morning, but I've always hated foundations - I think a lot of that is because I've always been so pale. Besides I never needed it, I had really good skin the whole way through school.  I think it was in the build up to prom that I really got back into make up - I really wanted something other than my everyday look, and that was the time I discovered Gel Eye liners, False Lash Effect Mascaras and a whole host of new products. It was in the summer after prom that I started up this blog after my obsession grew.

I wouldn't say that I feel insecure without wearing make up - Yes, on a bad skin day I do feel a lot better with a coat of concealer, but I will happily pop out without bare faced if I need to (or if I'm running really late!). I do like a lot of things about make up, for one it enabled me to meet so many bbloggers who like the same things I do. But in the literal sense I love that you can do so much with make up, you can play it up or down depending on your mood and have a tone of fun experimenting! 

It was interesting thinking about why I personally wear make up, Please feel free to tell me about your own experiences with make up below or direct me to your own tag post! 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Shopping my Stash.

Before I start I want to say a HUGE welcome any new followers, I was over the moon this morning to find I had over 100 GFC followers! I can't believe it, Just 10 days ago I had 70 - Now there's 30 more of you guys! Thank you so much to everyone who follows/comments/reads this blog, Being able to talk to you guys honestly makes my day!

Today I'm finally giving in and 'shopping my stash' - I find that lately I find myself buying more make up than I actually use so figured this would be a great way to rediscover some old favourites! 

Look Beauty Flawless fix BB cream (£10.00)

I love using this BB cream - I just have about three on the go as well as a couple of foundations so I haven't used this in a good while, I look forward to doing so because it does a lovely job at covering any imperfections I have. Also If you're feeling tempted by this it's currently on sale in Superdrug for just £5! 

Vivo Baked Blush (£4.00)

I mentioned this yesterday in my 'Top Budget buys under £5 post' , Like with the BB cream I find myself neglecting it because of other blushers I have - So hopefully I'll be able to show it lots of love this week!

Stila Whitening Powder (£1.00)

I found this in my local poundland and automatically fell in love, although since then it's been shoved in the back of my draw meaning I completely forgot about it until I was rummaging around for things to include in this post - Hopefully I'll use it enough to give you guys a full review soon!

Loreal Perfect Slim Liner (£6.99)

This is my favourite eyeliner ever - I'm just too lazy to apply it in the mornings before college! Meaning like so many other products in this post, it sits in my draw neglected all day! I'm really looking forward to getting back into liner - I start at 11am tomorrow so hopefully I'll get off to a good start by actually waking up in time to do this! 

Natural Collection Duo (£1.99)

I brought this last year and really liked using it, although I find myself reaching for MUA eyeshadows more and more meaning this hasn't been used in a good while - I love the lighter shade (It makes a great highlighter)

ColorTrend Plumped Pink Lipgloss (£4.00)

I love the colour of this, before I would stick to nudes although after falling for this I've used so many more purpley toned lip products. That said I have miles too many lip glosses and its easy to forget a product you one loved - I look forward to wearing this again, I love the way it makes my lips feel!

EOS Lipbalm ($3.29)

I was obsessed with owning one of these, but now I'm not too bothered by it at all. I feel like it sits on my lips rather than healing them, Although I'm determined to use it up after I spent nearly a fiver on it!

I quite enjoyed 'shopping my stash' this week, Although its not something I can see myself doing weekley (because I don't want to bore you with the same products over and over again!) I would consider making one of these every fortnight/month - So please let me know if you like reading these posts as much as I do.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Top budget buys for £5 and under

It's been nearly a whole month since I gave you guys the last instalment of my 'Top Budget buys' series, So I figured It's about time I showed you my top five products for under £5 - Although you can still click to see my Top Budget buys for £2 and under post as well as my Top Budget buys for under a £1 one.

MUA Eyeshadow Palettes (£4.00) 

These were the first thing to cross my mind when thinking of my favourite products for under £5. These Palettes are amazing and such a huge steal at just £4 each! I currently own four (and think two of them were free at some point), Even though I have 46 shades from these palettes - I still want more! You can see my thoughts on Undressed,  Going for gold, Glamour days, and heaven and earth by clicking on each name

Would you look at the state of this now! I've used this product so much that I've actually hit pan on the middle concealer (Which never happens to me), I think this is a great little 'on the go' essential - I think I need a back up ASAP!

These kinds of water spritz have caused quite a stir in the blogging world lately, although spending an awful amount of money on what was essentially water wasn't too appealing to me, until I saw this Rose Water Spritz on sale in Boots for just over £3, It's a lovely product - especially when it's warmer here (Which is pretty rare)

MaxFactor Max Effect Mini nail Polish (£3.99)

Fantasy Fire had a huge hype surrounding it, So I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted one in Boots last May - These sell for stupid prices online, I'm gutted I didn't pick more up (And they were 3 for 2!) I did have some images of this in action although back in June I had some laptop issues meaning I lost everything! Maybe I'll get around to giving this its own post some day because it is lovely!

Vivo Baked Blush (£4.00) 

Last but by no means least is another product from Vivo! I've never been a huge fan of blush but 'peaches and cream' changed that! I really enjoy using this product and feel like it is a credit to the Vivo line!

What is your favourite product for under £5? 

Friday, 14 September 2012

Half Price Look Beauty Buy

Normally I wouldn't make a post so soon after buying a product, But I really wanted to let you guys in on this deal! Currently many items from the look beauty range including; Primers, foundations, blushes and bronzers are all half price - Some products are even as low as £3.50 from both and selected Superdrug stores. I picked up this lovely Make Me Blush blusher in the shade Flush for just £4, down from £8 - Expect a review post soon once I've had a chance to play around with it. Also I've just spotted that this deal will end on the 25th of September in case you were wondering.Will you be making the most of it?

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Natural Collection Corrector Stick

Since watching a Youtube video on MichellePhan's channel the other day, I've been obsessed with the idea of a owning a green concealer - Although I cant say I've seen many on the British highstreet. Until I came across this 'Corrector stick' on the Natural collection stand.

haven't really had a chance to use this yet as my skin has been shockingly good - although I tested it over a red mark on my arm and was really impressed with the result, This does a great job at masking redness and I would highly recommend it if suffer from spot prone skin/redness. You can pick this up for just £1.99 at selected Boots stores or online here

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

There was a quite a big hype sounding these gel/cream eyeshadows when they first hit the UK a few months back - Although I never had the chance to put them to the test until my lovely friend sent me one in the shade 'Tough as Taupe' all the way from Australia (Which I believe is sold in the UK as permanent taupe)   

I love the glass design of this product, you may have noticed from the top image that the sticker on the lid is different over here - Although I think I prefer the simplicity of the black and white I have.

On first glance this product looks like a browny shade with a hit of purple - But one you get though that first 'layer' It's you get more of a darker grey/brown colour.

Shockingly I dont own many taupe shades, so I've had a lot of fun playing around with this. I don't like a really strong eye look so I tend to blend this a lot over my lid to get a hint of the taupe shade. But I think its great how from one eyeshadow you can get a range of uses, as its so pigmented alone.

I think this is a great product for any one starting out with cream eyeshadows - For me £4.99 is a complete bargain as it will last you forever, Not to mention they're always on the 3 for 2 deal!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Since buying this Dream Matte Mousse from Maybelline a few of you guys have been asking my thoughts on it, so I thought it would be best to round them up today in this review post. I picked up the lightest shade my local Superdrug had to offer 'Light Porcelain' in the '2 for £10' deal although its around £7.69 depending on where you shop.

One of the things I love about Maybelline is the packaging - Products like this and the Colour Tattoo eyeshadow's are made to look/feel so much more expensive, although they can trick you into feeling like you have much more product  than you actually do with the thick glass.

The idea of a 'mousse' foundation is pretty new to me, although I found this was great to work with. To apply I simply dot a small amount of this product on my cheeks, chin, nose and forehead before blending with my ELF Stipple Brush (which you can pick up here for just £3.75). I found the mousse blended really well, and the result was a lovely natural look 

(Note that the dent is from a weeks wear - Not from one use!)
The foundation stays in place all day and is a product I can see myself using a lot in the coming winter months. 

I'm really want to start trying more Maybelline products now - I've been trying so many new brands and products lately from all over the world that I've neglected the ones that we have in the UK readily available to us.
Have you ever tried this foundation? What were your thoughts on it?

Monday, 10 September 2012

Back into the real world..

Like most, I started college again at the end of last week - Which hasn't been too bad so far. Mondays are the worst day by far though! Recently our timetable saw some changes which mean the last lesson is pushed back until later in the day meaning it ends just before 5pm (Which was apparently 'based on student feedback' - What student asks to be in lessons until 5pm?!), Luckly for me I only have to attend last lesson once a week - I live for today's like tomorrow when I finish for the day at 1pm!  I really haven't had the chance to plan many posts lately, But I thought I'd so you guys what I've been taking in my bag (minus all the boring stuff like books!) Excuse the terrible image - By the time I got back it wasnt too sunny out, Hopefully I can get snapping some images for reviews tomorrow.

The first thing I never see myself leave the house without is my nail file - I got this one in a pack of three animal print ones earlier this year for just £1, Its a great size for just throwing in the inside zip of my bag ready for whenever I need it. I also always insure I have clips and hair bands in my bag, my hair is out of control most of the time so its nice to know I have that back up. Hand cream is also a must! I suffered from really bad dry skin on my hands as a child and try to keep them moisturised (Especially in these winter months). I have a thing for lips lately hints the fact there are three lip products in my bag (I predict half my lip collection will live in my bag by half term) Currently I'm using my Nivea lip balm, Look Lipstick and natural collection lipgloss. Lastly is my Dream Matte mousse foundation, I love that I can double this up as a concealer on those bad skin days (I promise review coming very soon!)

What do you carry in your daily bag?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

New releases from MUA!

MUA have been giving us all some amazing sneak peaks of their new release over on the MUA blog  this week, So I thought I'd do a round up post of all the new additions to the line in case anyone missed the original blog posts!

Product Name: Nail Constellations
Shades Available: Gemini,  Leo, PiscesScorpio and Libra
Available from: 26/09/12
Cost: £3 each

'Fish egg' nails have been quite popular with bloggers lately so as you can imagine these cheaper versions are going to go down greatly! I love the looks created on the front of the bottle (you can see a post on it here), I'm very tempted by all of them! You could even own the whole collection for just £15! 

Shades Available: Bittersweet, Blossom, Dolly and Yummy
Available from: 26/09/12
Cost:  £2 each

Not only do I love the fact there's finally a really cheap cream blusher on the high street - But there's a shade for everyone! I really like the shades Bittersweet and Blossom, Maybe I'll just buy both if they're just £2 a pop! 

Shades Available: Pink Shimmer Kisses & Bronzed Shimmer Kisses
Available from: 26/09/12
Cost:  £3 each

Lately I've started using blush a lot more and pink shimmer belongs in my make up collection! Normally I'm not one for bronzer but I really love the look of Bronze Shimmer Kisses - So I may even have to pick that up too!

Product Name: Ultimate-Pro Brow Kit
Shades Available:  The one shown above
Available from: It's already out both online and instore!
Cost:  £3.50

When I heard about this I rushed out to get my own, although it seems everyone else had the same idea - They were already sold out! Although a really lovely member of Supedrug staff told me the delivery dates, I'll be back for my own kit next week! 

Product Name: Intense Kisses Gloss
Shades Available:  Kiss and Make-up, Quick Kiss, Quick Smooch, Kiss & Tell , Lips are Sealed , Sealed with a Kiss, Stolen Kisses and Sweet Nothings
Available from: They're already instore!
Cost:  £2.00

I'm really impressed by how many shades there are! These look great for just £2 and would complete any make up look.

Will you be picking any of these new items up?