Sunday, 19 August 2012

Top budget buys for £2 and under

Last week I showed you guys my top budget buys for a pound and under in this post, So I figured it was about time for me to show you my favourite items you can get for just £2 and under!

Glamour Magazine - £2.00

I know some of you probably looked at the first image and thought 'what?' after all brands such as Benefit and Balance me aren't the cheapest on the block. Which is one of the reasons I love Glamour Magazine, Okay so its not technically a product but a lot of the time Glamour really do have some amazing freebies and what's even better is that its priced how a magazine should be! I don't understand why most seem to think its fine to charge nearly £4 for a magazine! Over the past few months I have managed to collect and test a range of great products thanks to my trusty £2 Glamour Magazine! 

Natural Collection Lash Care Mascara - £1.99

I don't tend to use up make up products very often but last week I managed to finish my first tube of this! It does a great job and holding in my brows in place all day at under £2 its such a bargain! I think I need to pick up a new one ASAP especially while they're currently 3 for £5!

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel - £1.52

I love having a tube of this in my bedside table, Its a lovely little light refresher for your eye area and something that I will be buying again if I ever run out. I cant say it will prevent winkles and save your skin from ageing but for £1.52 who cares? I love the way my under eyes feel after use!

Natural Collection Lipsticks - £1.99 

The fact that you cant get these on the boots website really annoys me because they're great little buys (And in my boots the lipsticks happen to be at the bottom of the stand!) I own two of the 'Sheer Natural Lip colours' in Sorbet and Lotus - As the name suggests these give a great sheer finish, perfect if like me you prefer a natural one. I also own a Moisture shine lipstick in 'Rose Petal' which is a much more pigmented product. I really want to add more to my collection and at £1.99 you cant really go wrong.

Primarks Detangler Brush - £1.50

Like the Tangle Teezer the Primark Detangler brush has with different length bristles designed to get through your hair and give pain free detangling. It does a great job at just a snip of the Tangle Teezers price!

What would be on your £2 and under list?


  1. Yes, this is so true about Glamour! I always buy it, I got the Porefessional (which I was really glad for because mine had just run out!), Balance Me eye cream and the Percy+Reed Shampoo! I hope they carry on with the amazing standard!

    1. I always find myself buying about a million copies everyone must think I'm mad! Me too, they've been great! x

  2. i havent seen that detangler before but i cant wait to go to primark and pick it up, thank you xxx

  3. This is a fab post hun, and completely agree about Glamour I end up buying so many copies when they have freebies - even my mom does lol!


    1. Thank you, and haha my mum is always like 'Why are you buying that again?' - She doesn't understand! :( x

  4. I love the Primark brush too, such a bargain!x