Thursday, 9 August 2012

Top budget buys for £1 and under

You don't have to fork out a small fortune to look good and really wanted to do this series of posts to express that idea. I've always been a big believer in budget beauty (hints the name of my blog) so today I wanted to talk about my must haves for a pound and under, I will also be doing this with £2, £5 and £10 over the next couple of weeks. So before I go on rambling even more here are my favourite things you can pick up with just a single pound coin:

My favourite item for just one pound are these MUA lipsticks! Mua have an amazing colour range ranging from matts to shimmers. I have shades; 3,12Juicy, Nectar and bare - I can honestly say they are up there with the likes of lipsticks from more expensive brands at just a fraction of the price!

Twist and out (£0.79)

I really love this,and need to pick up a new one next time I go shopping (although thats not because of the product - Some idiot thought it would be fun to leave it open all day). I love using this and feel like it makes nail polish removal so much easier for me - At just 79p its a must have and a great alternative to more expensive instant nail polish removers.

Revlon nail polishes (£1.00)

I see these in poundland so often that they're pretty much part of the furniture, These are great polishes and well worth a try for just a pound!

Collection Mascara (£1.00)

I love this! I picked it up last week in poundland for just a pound (obviously).It's far better than other mascara's I've tried for 15 times the price! I've been using it daily and haven't found a fault yet.

MUA single Eyeshadow - Shade 16 (£1.00)

This is pretty battered now! I've been using it to brighten up the eye area for ages now! Infact it was my very first MUA product and I'm impressed with how long its lasted!

What are you favourite bargain basement priced products?


  1. There are some great products here! Thank you xo

  2. i love low cost beauty products xx

  3. I love £1 land for makeup, such great offers&MUA are amazing quality!<3xxx

  4. I keep popping in there lately! x