Thursday, 30 August 2012

August Empties!

This month I made a little effort to use up as many products as I could. I find it hard to part with my products and enjoy having a selection around - Although lately I'm finding myself with no more room to store it all!

 Boots Simply Sensitive face wipes (£2.79) 

I didn't think much of these and I was honestly happy to finish them, they claim to remove eye make up which they didn't even come near to. I felt they were a rather poor product and you could honestly find better in a pound shop - I cant believe Boots charge so much for them! 

Tesco  Sensitive Eye Make-Up Remover Pads (£1.50) 

I was really surprised by these, they did a great job at tackling my eye make up and I will be stocking up next time I visit a tesco store.

No7 Quick thinking wipes (£7.00)

There are so many wipes this month! Although these are by far my all time favourite - Yes, £7.00 is far to much for a pack of wipes. But they last me ages and Boots are always handing out those £5 off vouchers to help me stock up!

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Conditioner (£5.89)

I always hear mixed views about this product but personally I really liked it. I've never dyed my hair, although it changes with the season - I like to use this when my hair starts to turn a little darker and I cant say I've ever had a problem. I still have loads of shampoo left (Why do companies always give you the same amount? I always finish the conditioner a good few washes before the shampoo!) I think if your a blonde who is looking to go lighter this product is perfect for you! They're often 3 for £10 too!

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo (£2.49)

I didn't get to finish the photographed bottle, instead it leaked over all my hair care/bath products which are stored together - I wasn't impressed. That said it is a lovely product,  and I look froward to buying it (and the conditioner again) 

2 x Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner (£2.49)

I've said before I love this stuff! Although as you can probably tell from all the empty bottles this month my hair is very long and I wash it far too much! I think this is great if you suffer from fizzy/damaged hair - And I would highly recommend it!

Tresemme  Spilt Remedy mask (£5.69)

I loved this hair mask, It did a great job at softening my ends and is possibly one of the best treatment masks I have ever used. I think I'll be looking out for it when it's half price again! 

Witch anti-blemish Skin primer (£6.99)

I go on about this all the time so needless to say I was gutted when it finally run out - although luckly I already had a back up waiting (Thank god for Superdrugs half price offers!)

Blistex Lip massage (£3.06)

I wasn't a huge fan of this (especially the whole massage idea) although I quite like the product inside. This product was barely reached for so I don't understand how I finished it so fast. A complete rip off if you ask me!

Natural Collection Lash care mascara (£1.99)

I liked using this for my brows, and at just £1.99 its cheap as chips although I've found a product that works better for me at the same price.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19)

I could probably cut this open and get the last of it out although I've had it for an awfully long time now and its got to that stage were its starting to dry up. I think a replacement is needed ASAP!

For some reason my local Superdrug had loads of these for just 99p the other week, I picked up a couple of bottles and fell in love with the stuff. In each bottle you get a huge 300ml of product - and believe me when I say a little goes a long way! 
I was trying to saver this, and was gutted when I finally finished it! It has a lovely subtle smell to it, which isn't too artificial like most brands although For me £4 for a little bottle of shower gel seems a tad pricey - But I loved it that much that I might have to treat myself to another bottle soon! 

2 x Superdrug Skin Restoring Oil (£6.69)

I'm really on the fence with this product, While I did quite like this. Its meant to be a cheaper alternative to other oils on the market, although even at half price there are other oils which still work out cheaper. I found I went through each bottle in under two weeks - Which didn't exactly seem like value for money.

 Natural Collection Apple & Lime Shower Gel (£2.00)

I was pretty happy to finish this, It wasn't my favourite product from the natural collection range and reminded me far too much of grass. I couldn't find this product on the Boots website so I've linked to the Apple and lime body spray - My guess is they smell the same.

Sanex Zero (£2.85)

I was out of shower gel one day and made a run for my sample draw when I discovered this. I know the whole point is that its free from a lot of nasty chemicals, although I found it boring. Not a product for me I'm afraid. 


  1. wow you've used up alot of products this month


    1. I did try haha, Since I posted this I've managed to finish two more products! xx