Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Witch skin clearing primer

When posting about my June favourites , I noticed that I hadn't dedicated a post to what is probably my most loved make up product - EVER! When I first brought this back in may, half price in Superdrug. I honestly didn't expect to love it this much, It was simply meant to be a cheap replacement for my beloved 17 photo flawless primer and at first it was, until I started to notice the changes in my skin.

Since starting to wear this primer daily my skin has been on its best behaviour, Having spot prone teenage skin can be a right pain but it's great to finally find a product that leaves my skin feeling amazing while protecting it make up which cause or aggravate spots.

I love the matt finish this product delivers and  predict I will be using this primer for a long long time, You can already see in the above image that I'll soon be in need of my second one! You can pick this beauty up for just £6.99 at Superdrug and Boots.


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