Sunday, 22 July 2012

What's in my make up bag?

I find myself reaching for all ten of these items daily, I picked up the Vivo concealer kit last week while in Tesco - I still havent made my mind up on it, but for just £5 its a total steal. I love this Look double hit lip in Rose Riot - the colour is lovely and I am clueless as to why I haven't reviewed it yet! So expect to see that soon. Shade four in my MUA palette is probably the most used as you can probably tell from the above image. I think it's a lovely shade for all over the lid and I love using it as part of my daily routine. After trying the MUA felt liner I picked up the Loreal slim liner for just £3.99 on offer. The two products are pretty much the same although I find this is thinner and therefore I prefer using it over my MUA one. My clear Lash care mascara does a great job of holding my brows in place all day, great for just £1.99! My Loreal Telescopic mascara is probably my current favourite - I love how it leaves my lashes! I'm confessed my love for this witch primer already, It and my Look beauty balm make a great combo and I love using them together. I don't use many brushes but I love this eye brush from a Hello Kitty gift set and this concealer brush from the EcoTools set I picked up on Ebay.
What's currently in your make up bag?


  1. Love the products in your makeup bag, the witch primer is also one of my favourite products :)