Thursday, 26 July 2012

Vivo Ultimate Base Concealer Kit

 'We love creating the perfect kits to help your makeup routine even easier. This is our ultimate base Concealer kit which contains three shades of concealer and a little wand of highlighter to create a flawless finish. The beauty of having three different shades of concealer means you can adjust to your skintone depending on the time of year and if you have a tan or not. The three different shades range from light, medium and dark and are a gorgeous creamy soft consistency. Apply the highlighter to areas of the face you want to highlight - cheekbones, cupids bow and down the nose! Your all in one kit for a gorgeous flawless, perfect skin look, courtesy of VIVO!'

After being left impressed by this Vivo baked blush, I decided to pick up this Ultimate base Concealer kit to try out while browsing in Tesco last week. I've never actually tried an concealer kit before but at just £5 you really cant go wrong.

I love the concept of this kit, Its lightweight and compact enough to just slip into your handbag. Yet in contains pretty much all you need for those on the go touch ups including a setting power, two shades of concealer, an illuminator pen, double sided brush and even a mirror!

When I brought this I originally thought there were three concealer shades rather than two and a setting power, So I was a little confused when I first tested the shades out although I find the concealer and power work great together providing a lovely coverage (I tend to use the middle shade for under my eyes and the last for any blemishes)

Above are all three shades in the kit, although the 'translucent pressed powder' is pretty hard to spot. I love the addition of the 'illuminator pen' and think it makes a lovely little highlighter. 

I cant even begin to describe the colour of it, but I think I see a hint of purple there! I figured showing you guys the concealer with flash and natural light would give you a greater idea of this.

Overall I love this little kit, I cant say I get any use out of the little brush supplied because I use my own but other than that I love every part of it. The kit can get a little messy although I try to make sure I wipe it as often as I can because I'm a total clean freak when it comes to make up products (If only the same rule applied for my bedroom!)
What do you guys make of Vivo cosmetics? Are you loving them as much as I am?


  1. I love Vivo stuff and I get discount on them which makes them even more inviting. Might try the concealer kit out once I've finished my current concealer :)


    1. Oooo, Lucky you! I really want to try their lip glosses and blush & highlight duo! x

  2. I've awarded you the Liebester blog Award, you can find out more info on my blog xx