Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Vivo: Peaches and Cream

I cant say I'm a big blusher wearer, but when I saw this one from Vivo cosmetics while browsing the make up aisle in Tesco last week, I knew I had to have the peachy pink shade in my life!

Like all four of the baked blushers from Vivo, Peaches and cream is housed in a sturdy container which looks as if it could take a few beatings to it. Priced at just £4, you get a rather generous amount of product (8g if anyone's wondering) 

This product feels so much more expensive than just £4, and I'm extremely happy I picked it up!

I love this colour against my pale skin tone,  It gives a lovely natural finish although it is defiantly buildable if you need it to be! Before I tried this I was a little was scared of blusher - Now I cant wait to try all of the available shades!

You can pink this up in selected Tesco stores or online here for just £4. 


  1. This looks so pretty, i've never tried any of Tesco's brand make-up but I will definitely have to have a look for this blush!

    1. I love it, I think I'll be back for more!