Saturday, 21 July 2012

Things to do this summer...

I'm starting to think this post should be called 'reasons I need a spending ban'. I still have a whooping seven weeks off until the academic year at college starts all over again, With so much more free time on my hands I figured its about time I set myself some beauty related goals to complete by the time this seven week period is up. I've always been a lover of the natural look, but lately I have found myself venturing into the world of eye make up and putting my make up palettes to good use. (Finally!) So It's about time I did so with the rest of my stash.

Try out samples

I'm always picking up magazines for the great freebies and love beauty boxes, but lately I've found myself storing samples together in an old latest and beauty box and simply forgetting about them. Sometimes it's just easier to reach for that moisturiser you know will keep your skin calm instead of trying a new one with could cause unwanted break outs. So this summer I want to make an effort to make use of my samples rather than letting them go to waste. I remember how happy I was to pick up the Benefit primers which are currently housed in the back of my make up draw without being used once! I'm hoping to find some products I love, and if not pass them on to others to see if they can make use out of them.

Remember to use lipstick 

No matter how long I have to get ready I always forget to coat my lips! Lately I've invested in a load of lip products, but you wont find a single one in my make up bag! From now on I'm going to try and carry at least one lip balm/gloss/stick with me at all times, I have so many lovely shades which I would hate to see go to waste.

Find a skincare routine that works for me (and stick to it!)

Above is the contents of my 'currently using' skincare draw - For some reason whenever I find a routine I'm happy with I get bored and move on. First it was Hot Cloth cleansers, then Avon and now a mix between Naked skincare and Clean and clear. But I still find myself falling back on Etat Pur's cleansing water every time because its so easy to use and requires next to no effort! This summer I'm determined to play around with these products until I find the perfect combination for my skin.

Do you guys have any beauty related goals you want to tackle this summer? Also please let me know if you like these more personal posts aswell as my normal reviews.

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